XLS Medical Fat Binder Direct Review

XLS Medical fat Binder PowderXLS Medical Fat Binder Direct is a fat binding product manufactured by Omega Pharma. The company has a lot of experience producing fat binders, but its previous fat binders were produced in tablet form. Fat Binder Direct is produced as powder and packed in a long sachet called a “stick”.

XLS Medical Fat Binder was arguably the flagship product that has been featured heavily in the media and on television (in the UK).

The ideology of the product remains the same it is just the delivery method that differs.

Claims:  To contain clinically proven ingredients that can burn fat, block carbs and suppress appetite

Positives: Lots of positive feedback from customers and critics

Negatives: Its not the cheapest

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Proposed Benefits

Although some retailers extol further virtues, the Omega Pharma website is refreshingly low on hype and merely states:

  • Binds up to 28 % of dietary fats
  • Works mechanically in your stomach and doesn’t interact with your body
  • Clinically proven to bind dietary fats.

The clinical tests mentioned (four are referenced on the Omega Pharma Website) were all conducted in Europe, one was on the ingredient Litermine; another was on opuntia ficus-indica. It is unclear whether the other two tests were on XLS Medical Fat Binder Direct or its ingredients.

How XLS Medical Fat Binder Direct Works

As with all fat binders, XLS Medical Fat Binder Direct cannot be digested. Any fat bound to it is also prevented from being digested and therefore leaves body with the stool without relaying any of its calories.

Key Ingredients

XLS Medical Fat Binder Direct appears to contain only one active ingredient, a proprietary blend called Litramine, produced in the US by InQpharm. The main ingredients is opuntia ficus-indica, but InQpharm has not disclosed the other ingredients.

Also called prickly pear, opuntia ficus-indica, is a natural ingredient sourced from a cactus-like succulent plant. It provides a soluble fibre that can bind fat molecules and make them too large to be digested. Opuntia ficus-indica’s fat binding ability has been scrutinized in a number of scientific studies and the results show the ingredient has merit. After one study, conducted in 2009, the researchers concluded opuntia ficus-indica “significantly increased faecal fat excretion, helped reduce body weight (and BMI) and increased feeling of satiety.”

In a more recent study (2014) the researchers concluded: “The results of our study support the hypothesis that cactus fibre helps in reducing body weight by binding to dietary fat and increasing its excretion, thus reducing dietary fat available for absorption.” Unfortunately the study was sponsored by InQpharm, so it could be seen to be biased if the results were not so similar to those garnered from other sources.

XLS Medical Fat Binder Direct Pros and Cons in Full

The Pros The Cons
  • Readily available in the UK
  • Easy to take
  • No preparation required
  • Contains a proven ingredient
  • Plenty of positive customer feedback
  • Trial size available
  • Expensive product
  • No guarantee
  • A few users report side effects
  • If taken in the recommended way (after eating) may not be as effective as competing products
  • Us of proprietary blend

How to Take XLS Medical Fat Binder Direct

One sachet should be taken three times per day, just after eating a meal. The contents mix with the saliva in the mouth and can be swallowed without the need for water, but Omega Pharm point out the importance of drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

XLS Medical Fat Binder Direct is a little unusual in that it is designed to be taken after eating. Most fat binding products are taken prior to eating to ensure the maximum amount of fat is bound. By the time a slow eater has finished their meal it seems likely that some fat will have already been digested before XLS Medical Fat Binder Direct arrives in the stomach.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is plentiful and predominantly good, but a few users claim the product failed to deliver the required results.

An average negative response to the product reads:

“This product didn’t work for me. It did not suppress my appetite which I hoped it would. I wish I had bought the 2 week trial as it has been a waste of money for me. It gave me some stomach pains. I guess everyone is different. I will try something else.”

And an average positive response:

“I have been using XLS-medical for just over a month now, I have noticed that I feel fuller and the weight has started to move off at a rate of -2/3 lbs a week. I love the berry taste after lunch or dinner. It isn’t a miracle cure but it has definitely given my weight loss a boost.”

XLS Medical Fat Binder Direct Side Effects

The fact that the Litramine proprietary blend contains unspecified ingredients is somewhat worrying, but although a few users complain of stomach pain, and/or state the formulation caused them to become constipated, such reports are few and far between; so most users should be able to use the product without issue. As with all dietary products though, pregnant or breastfeeding mothers should always consult their doctor prior to commencing usage. The same advice is offered to anyone who has any known health issues, or any concerns about their health and/or product suitability.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

XLS Medical Fat Binder Direct can be purchased in store or online from many pharmacies including Boots and Lloyds Pharmacies. It is also available from Superdrug and Amazon. Prices vary from one supplier to the next, but customers shopping at Boots can expect to pay £69.99 for a 90-sachet pack (lasts one month) and £26.99 for a 10-day trial pack. Pricewise, XLS Medical Fat Binder Direct is an expensive option and there is no money back guarantee.

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