Xenical Fat Blocker – can you buy it over the counter without prescription

Xenical Orlistat 120 MgXenical (orlistat) is a prescription only medication that can block some of the fat contained in food and prevent it from releasing the calories locked inside. This is a useful ability because every gram of fat contains 9 calories. That’s over twice as many as protein or carbohydrates, both of which supply just 4 calories per gram. This notable difference illustrates why a diet that is rich in fatty foods is so unhealthy and helps to pile on the pounds.

Doctors generally only prescribe Xenical to obese patients who have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or higher. When patients have reached such a state of obesity their condition can limit their lives in many ways and endanger the health. When used in conjunction with healthy eating habits, Xenical can be very effective for providing quick and efficient weight loss, but use of the drug can also entail nasty side effects. This is, of course, the reason for its prescription only status.

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Xenical Health Considerations & Side Effects

Xenical is not a suitable weight loss option for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. It can also aggravate gallbladder problems.

The prescribing doctor will probably have a sufficient knowledge of their patient’s condition to make an informed decision, but it is important that potential Xenical users make sure their doctor is aware of any health problems they have, so the doctor can make an informed decision when deciding whether to prescribe the drug.

Unfortunately Xenical has a darker side. Its use has been linked to numerous side effects including:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Swelling of the face, lips, and throat
  • Pain or blood while urinating
  • Swollen ankles
  • Feelings of fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Stomach pains
  • Kidney-related problems

Xenical pillsHowever the worst side effects experienced by some users may be nothing more than the greasy stools that are part and parcel of the fat blocking process.

It is also important to remember Xenical is intended to be used alongside a diet that is low in fat. Anyone who attempts to continue eating a high fat diet while using the drug could get a nasty surprise. The fat has been blocked from digestion has to be passed with the stool and can travel fast, so eating a lot of fat can have very unpleasant results.

Dietary Imbalances

Apart from preventing the absorption of dietary fats, Xenical also interferes with the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and beta carotene, leading to dietary imbalances. For this reason, the prescribing doctor may suggest the use of a good multi-vitamin, taken at least two hours either side of the time the supplement was consumed.

Diet & Exercise

Doctors always stress the importance of a low calorie diet when using Xenical and may, if their patient’s health status permits it, suggest an increase in physical activity (exercise).

Typical Dosage

The typical dose is 120 mg and should be taken three times each day with every meal that contains fat. The capsules are usually taken before eating meals, but it is permissible to take them during the meal or up to 60 minutes after it has been finished.


How Xenical worksXenical has been tested under clinical conditions and has been proven to be an excellent weight loss facilitator when used in the recommended manner and combined with sensible eating choices.

After one study, that took place over the period of a year, the volunteers who used Xenical alongside their low calorie diet lost over twice as much weight as those who were told to use the diet alone (approximately 13.4 lbs V 5.8 lbs).

Key Points

  • Xenical is a prescription only medication that helps people to lower their calorie intake and lose weight.
  • It helps people to lose weight by limiting the amount of fat their body can digest from food.
  • The pill is eaten at mealtimes, but will not be required if the food contains no fat.
  • Xenical must be used with a low fat diet. Trying to continue eating fatty food while taking the pills is not to be recommended.
  • The drug is not suitable for everyone and doctors only prescribe it to people who have a BMI of 30+.
  • Xenical can cause nasty side effects.
  • Clinical trials have proven the formulation is an effective weight loss provider when used in conjunction with a low fat diet.

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