Women’s Best Slim UK – Can You Really Enjoy The Difference?

Womens Best SlimWomen’s Best Slim is an appetite suppressant containing glucomannan.

Women’s Best is a supplement company that is based in Germany and markets its products with the promise that they are specially designed for women.

Women’s Best have many products in their portfolio including hair-enhancing vitamin pills, protein-providing confectionery, beauty-enhancing collagen drinks, and several other unusual products. Despite our views on this particular product (Slim) we like Women’s Best as a company.

Claims:  To suppress appetite using glucomannan

Positives: Good ingredient profile, reputable company

Negatives: A bit confusing with regard to ingredient quantity.

The Advertised benefits are:

  • Reduces the appetite
  • Makes you feel full for longer
  • Supports fat metabolism
  • Contributes to fast weight loss
How to Use Women’s Best Slim – Women’s Best state the capsules need to be washed down with a full glass of water, and two doses are needed per day:

  • One capsule in the morning
  • Two capsules with lunch

Women’s Best also state it is important to drink two to three litres of water each day. They also point out exercise and a proper diet will be required.

Women’s Best Slim Ingredients

glucomannanAccording to the official sales page, Slim provides 3.002g of glucomannan, but the way the information is presented is very vague, and it seems unlikely the figure mentioned is not accurate, but we’ll return to this issue a little later on in our review.

Glucomannan is a water-soluble fibre taken from the roots of a plant (konjac). When glucomannan fibres are combined with water they soak up the moisture very fast and expand. The rate of expansion is considerable and when the effect happens in the stomach it creates a feeling of fullness that is very good for curbing the desire for food. The best thing about the ingredient is numerous studies show that it works. Its use as an appetite suppressant has also been approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

When it comes to appetite suppression, glucomannan has credentials that are second to none, but it is important the ingredient is used in the correct way, so the EFSA have issued guidelines regarding its use. The guidelines state glucomannan must be used in conjunction with a calorie controlled diet and state it will only be effective if three (1000mg) doses are taken each day, 30 minutes before eating the three main meals of the day. They also recommend each dose be consumed with one to two large glasses of water.

Here’s where we have a problem with Women’s Best Slim. First of all, although the company is suggesting the capsules be consumed with an adequate amount of water, and is pushing the need for diet and exercise, everything else is wrong. For starters, they fail to explain if “3.002mg” is the amount provided by each capsule or the amount that will be consumed in a day. We are guessing it refers to the daily dose, but there appears to be a typo on the Slim sales page. Is the quantity really only “3.002mg” or is it 3002mg? We are guessing the latter because it is a good match for the guidelines set out by the EFSA. If we are wrong the dose will be too low and the pills will not work. If we are right the lunchtime dose may be dangerously high. There will also be a lack of support during the evenings, so the temptation to overeat will remain. We seriously question if the people at Women’s Best know what they are doing. They have chosen one of the best appetite suppressant available and seem clueless about its correct use. If they genuinely believe it will not work as well for men as it does for women they are wrong about that as well.

Women’s Best Slim Side Effects

Women’s Best don’t mention if side effects are likely to be an issue, but the FAQs page on the company website contains a blanket statement that all their products are safe. Unfortunately, the fact that Women’s Best appear to be suggesting a dose of 2000mg of glucomannan at lunchtime presents genuine cause for concern. This is double the amount the EFSA recommend. We feel such a high dose may be unwise and suggest all potential users visit their GP, and get advice on the matter, before purchasing this product and taking such a high dose.

Where to Buy Women’s Best Slim

Women’s Best Slim is only available from the manufacturer’s website and each 40-serving bottle costs $34.90 (£26.50). Slim is also included in a weight loss package that is priced at $99.90 (£76) and contains the company’s fat burning product and 40 servings of their meal replacement shake.

A few extras are also offered to make the package seem more attractive:

  • A Drink Shaker
  • Step-by-Step Weight Loss Plan
  • Two e-books (Home Workout Routine + Gym Workout Plan)
  • $10 Gift card


There is a 30-day returns policy (for unopened products), but no money back guarantee.

The Final Verdict

Slim contains a very good appetite suppressing ingredient, but we have doubts about how much is included and are seriously worried about the way Women’s Best are saying it should be used. If each capsule contains 1000mg of glucomannan they should work, but our advice would be to scrap the usage instructions provided by the manufacturer and follow the guidelines issued by the EFSA instead.

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