Trimplex Elite – Does It Work, Or Is It A Scam

Trimplex Elite GB and IrelandTrimplex Elite is diet pill designed to suppress the appetite, speed up the metabolism, and help people to lose weight without diet or exercise.

The main ingredient is raspberry ketone and this is presented as a main selling point.

Raspberry ketone has a reputation for getting results, but raspberry ketone diet pills are often marketed via free trial offers and autoship program scams and that appears to be the case here.

Promised Benefits

  • Calm your appetite and say goodbye to food urges
  • Burn excess stored fat
  • Retain your existing muscle mass
  • Enjoy boosted energy levels

The Key Ingredients and Their Potential Value

The only ingredients the manufacturer mentions are:

  • Raspberry ketone: A fat burning phenol that is generally taken from raspberries, but can also be sourced from some other fruits or synthesized in a lab. Raspberry ketone also provides appetite suppression, but the organic ingredient is very expensive to refine, so many manufacturers use the synthetic version, which is lacking in power. The manufacturer states Trimplex Elite contains the organic version, but there is no way of being sure this is true and the quantity provided is not revealed.
  • Green coffee bean extract: The chlorogenic acid provided by green coffee beans is generally more revered for its ability to boost the metabolism and help the body to burn its stores of fat, but it assists weight loss in other ways as well. Chlorogenic acid keeps the appetite under control by preventing the post-eating sugar spikes that can trigger a desire for something sweet. It also slows down the absorption of fat from food, so it’s a good ingredient that could work well with raspberry ketone but, once gain, the inclusion rate is not provided.

Trimplex Elite advert

Usage Guidelines – One capsule is required before breakfast and another one is required before dinner.

Customer Testimonials

“Trimplex Elite is a good diet pill. I have been using them for a week and have already lost 5lbs without hunger or side effects.”

“These pills never did a thing. They are extremely expensive, the manufacturer keeps sending me more and I can’t get in touch with them to ask them to stop because nobody answers the phone. I will have to cancel my credit card.”
“I’ve been losing a couple of pounds a week with these raspberry ketone and green coffee diet pills. I haven’t experienced any side effects, but it’s an expensive way to lose weight.”
“Trimplex Elite is a SCAM. You won’t lose any weight but you will lose money. I ordered a free trail bottle and they sent me extra pills I didn’t even ask for and it ended up costing me more than $200.”

Possibility Of Side Effects

Raspberry ketone and green coffee bean are unlikely to cause any health issues, but there is no way of knowing what other ingredients the pills contain, so all potential users should seek expert medical advice before taking Trimplex Elite diet pills.

Manufacture and Distribution

The identity of the manufacturer is not disclosed. Nor is it known where the pills are produced. The official website is hosted in America, but it lacks and active home page. However, a French version of the site is available

Buying Options

Unless you live in France, this will be a difficult product to obtain. As far as we can see, only the French version of the site is still active. It does not offer international shipping and customers can only obtain the pills via a free 14-day trial.

People who decide to accept this offer are told only need to pay a small charge for postage. But the trial has strings attached which are not made sufficiently clear. This has resulted in numerous complaints from people who had additional charges applied to their cards, and the true cost per bottle appears to be €99.89 ($106).


A “100% satisfaction guarantee” is promised, but the way the pills are marketed makes it very unlikely that anyone will be able to secure a refund. In fact, many people say their trial order was not delivered until after the 14-day trial period was over, so they were hit with a hefty charge before they even got to crack open the bottle.

The Final Judgment

Although Trimplex Elite contains a couple of respected diet pill ingredients, it is possible the amounts included may be insufficient to secure good results.

The quality of the raspberry ketone is also questionable. If a reputable manufacturer states they are using the highest quality version of the ingredient, such a statement carries some weight. The identity of the company behind Trimplex Elite is not disclosed. The fact that some customers say the pills don’t work raises further questions about the strength of the blend.

The lack of a full ingredient profile is also an issue, but the biggest problem with this product is the way it is marketed. We cannot say these pills definitely won’t work, but we can point out there are better options available for a fraction of the price.

Not Recommended

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