Super Ketone+ – How does it compare to other brands

Super Ketone PlusSuper Ketone+ is weight loss product designed to harness the natural powers of raspberry ketone. As an ingredient we have a lot of respect for raspberry ketone, but some raspberry ketone products are not as good as others and Super Ketone+ has to be one of the most confusing products we have ever reviewed so, for many reasons, we are not impressed.

Firstly, it looks almost identical to Evolution Slimming’s Raspberry Ketone Plus – something we would imagine that Evolution Slimming are note entirely thrilled about.

Secondly, the free trial offer is something that we highly advise you give a wide berth to.

Thirdly, the Optimum Cleanse, Aloe Forex marketing ploy in incomprehensible.

Claims:  To boosts metabolism, eliminate hunger pangs, prevent fat oxidation and increase vitality

Positives: It contains raspberry ketone

Negatives: Confusing brand, questionable free trial, not Evolutions Slimming’s Raspberry Ketone Plus

Read about Evolutions Slimming Brand here

How Does Super Ketone+ Work

According to the official website, use of the formulation can:

  • Boost the metabolism
  • Eliminate hunger pangs
  • Increase vitality
  • Prevent fat oxidation
  • Tone the body

The site then goes on to try and convince visitors they need to purchase Aloe Forex colon cleanser as well and the bottom of the page provides a buy now button for each product. However, customers who try to buy either one will not be able to do so because neither product appears to be available.

Customers who try to purchase Aloe Forex colon cleanser are transferred to a site that is marketing a colon cleanser called Optimum Cleanse, and customers who try to purchase Super Ketone+ will only be able to buy a product called Optimum Ketone.

Super Ketone+ v Optimum Ketone

We find it hard to understand why anyone would wish to pull a switcheroo like this and, needless to say it does not impress, but for the purposes of this review we will do a quick comparison of the products to see if Optimum Ketone may be an updated version Super Ketone+.

Super Ketone+ Optimum Ketone
Promised Benefits:

·    Boost the metabolism

·       Eliminate hunger pangs

·       Increase vitality

·       Prevent fat oxidation

·       Tone the body


·       Green tea

·       Raspberry Ketones

·       Apple cider vinegar

·       Caffeine

·       Grapefruit extract

Promised Benefits:

 ·       Melt away excess weight

·       Enhance weight management

·       Boosts metabolism naturally


 ·       Chromium (75mg)

·       Raspberry ketones (300mg)

·       Green tea (550mg)

·       Caffeine (400mg)

·       L-thiamine (16mg)

Comparing the two side to side we would have to say they are entirely different products and can only presume Super Ketone+ has been discontinued in favor of Optimum Ketone. As this is the product that potential Super Ketone+ buyers may end up considering the rest of this review will be about Optimum Ketone.

Blend Potential

The Optimum Ketone website extolls the virtues of raspberry ketone for weight loss, stating it has the power to suppress the appetite and burn off excess fat. This is very true, raspberry ketone can offer both these benefits, and any ingredient that can help people to burn off more calories than they consume each day is bound to be an effective weight loss tool. The only problem is the main ingredient in Optimum Ketone is not raspberry ketones, it is green tea, with caffeine following a close second. It’s a high dose of caffeine as well (equivalent to four cups of coffee).

Many people may find it hard to tolerate such a potent shot of caffeine, but this aside we still feel the blend could have been improved by the inclusion of a higher percentage of raspberry ketone. It’s not all bad though. Green tea is renowned for its fat burning abilities and chromium is also believed to be a fat burner, so Optimum Ketone is not without potential.

Unfortunately the way the product is marketed leaves a lot to be desired.

Free Trial Period & Automated Billing

Optimum Ketone is only available from the product website. But the site does not provide visitors with a way of buying the product. Instead they are encouraged to accept a trial bottle of pills and just pay for the shipping charges (£4.99). On the face of it that seems like a pretty good deal, but the site fails to mention that customers who accept the offer of a trial bottle are agreeing to enroll in a “Discount Club program” and will expected to pay for the trial bottle of pills if they do not opt-out of the club within 16 days. The price billed will be £119.95, and the money will be taken from the card used to pay for the postage.

The sites terms and conditions page does not mention any of this, the information is only available at the bottom of the trial acceptance page and the “Trial Terms & Conditions” link is easy to miss. But potential buyers who do click on it and read the drop-down text it reveals may think twice about continuing with the transaction.

Dosage – No dosage information is provided.

Customer Comments & Feedback

The Optimum Ketone sales page shows a few snap shots of girls in bikinis, along with some scribbled comments like “best body ever”, but independent feedback is not available.

Side Effects & Health Issues

No side effects are reported, but pregnant or breastfeeding mothers should consult a doctor before taking any brand of dietary supplement. The same advice applies to people who have existing health problems or are using medications.

The Verdict

Super Ketone+/Optimum Ketones fails to make the grade. The fact that customers are first encouraged to buy a product that does not appear to be available and then switched to another one does not impress us. We would also have liked to have seen a less caffeine in the blend and more raspberry ketones.

However, the fact that customers may find themselves signing-up for an automated billing and reordering program is the most annoying thing of all and £119.95 is a ridiculous price to charge for a bottle of raspberry ketone capsules when so many superior brands can be purchased for a fraction of the price. Bearing all of this in mind we suggest customers choose an alternative product instead.

Recommended Alternative

Raspberry Ketone Plus from Evolution SlimmingWe recommend Raspberry Ketone Plus from Evolution Slimming – believed to be one of the instigators of the whole raspberry ketone phenomenon that has gripped the weight loss industry for the last few years.

Evolution Slimming are based in the UK (in Kent) and are arguably the most popular and most trusted online supplier for health and diet products

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