Saxenda Diet Injection – Liraglutide Diet Drug (SkinnyJab) Available In the UK and Ireland? [updated 2018]

Diet injectionsHailed by many as a “miracle diet jab” and more recently the “SkinnyJab”, liraglutide could soon be available as an obesity treatment via the NHS.

Produced in Denmark by Novo Nordisk, the drug has been available since 2009, but was not approved (for weight loss) by the European Medicines Agency until January 2015.

Liraglutide was originally marketed under the brand name Victoza and it was, and remains, a valuable drug for treating diabetes.

It has the power to improve control of blood glucose levels and reduce meal-induced hyperglycaemia by triggering extra insulin production when the need for extra insulin is required.

Use of the drug can also protect against the onset of diabetes and raise good cholesterol levels, but as far as the overweight an obese are concerned the icing on the cake is Liraglutide’s powerful appetite suppressing abilities.

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What is Saxenda Liraglutide and how does it Work?

Saxenda diet jabWhen used as an aid to weight loss 3mg of liraglutide (marketed as Saxenda) should be injected into the stomach first thing each morning.

This then provides appetite suppression for the rest of the day and, over a one-year-period, dieters who self-inject liraglutide each morning can expect to lose around a stone in weight more than dieters who are going the more traditional route by counting the calories and taking regular exercise.

It is important to note, however, that liraglutide will produce the best results when users adhere to a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise.

Studies show liraglutide can help dieters to reduce their calorie intakes by 10%, and results suggest that the drop is significant enough to produce very credible weigh losses.

In fact, the available data indicates liraglutide has twice the power of Orlistat—presently the preferred choice of British GPs when they require an effective weight loss aid for patients who are so obese their health has been placed in serious risk.

In simple terms, liraglutide assists weight loss by ensuring the user’s calorie intake is reduced enough to encourage the fat burning process.

According to Novo Nordisk, the drug achieves this by emulating a natural hormone (human GLP-1) that is produced by the body each time food is eaten.

The presence of this hormone signals the brain the stomach is full, so the copy-cat nature of liraglutide successfully misleads the brain into suppressing the appetite.

Saxenda Clinical Trials

Weight Loss injectionsSeveral studies support liraglutide’s appetite suppressing abilities, but its approval as a treatment for obesity is mostly due to the results of a clinical trial that were presented at Obesity Week 2014, the 2nd Annual Congress of The American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery and the Obesity Society.

The data gathered from the “phase 3a SCALE™ Obesity and Prediabetes trial” showed 9 out of 10 obese adults had successfully lost significant amounts of weight by injecting 3mg doses of liraglutide.

The test subjects also followed a healthy diet and took regular exercise, but the placebo group behaved in a similar manner and their efforts produced results that fell short of the Liraglutide group’s by 9.2%.

At the completion of the 56-week study the researchers asked the participants to fill in a questionnaire, and the dieters who had injected liraglutide reported improvement in health-related quality of life (HRQoL) and improved physical and mental wellbeing.

SCALE™ clinical trial investigator, Dr Ken Fujioka (Department of Nutrition and Metabolic Research, Scripps Clinic, La Jolla, California) pointed out the increased mental and physical burdens that can result from obesity and said it was “encouraging” to see the benefits liraglutide can provide.

Side Effects & Health Issues

In 2013 a group from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine raised concerns about a possible link between GLP-1 derivatives and pancreatitis, but both the FDA (USA) and the European Medicines Agency evaluated the available data and concurred there was “no compelling evidence of an increased risk of pancreatitis or pancreatic cancer “.

Some side effects have been reported though. These have invariably been mild in nature, with nausea and diarrhoea standing out as the two most probable side effects liraglutide users are likely to face.

Availability – Where To Buy Saxenenda (SkinnyJab)

Although Liraglutide has been granted the necessary approval from the European Medicines Agency, and has been deemed a safe and effective weight loss treatment, at the time of writing it remained unclear whether Novo Nordisk would succeed in its aim to get Britain’s drugs rationing body (Nice) to sanction Liraglutide’s use as a prescription medication available via the NHS.

Liranglutide injections will cost of £2.25 per day; that’s twice the price of the sanctioned, but less powerful, Orlistat.

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