Plexus Block Review – What Does It Do, Whats In It and Does It Cause Side Effects

Plexus BlockPlexus BLOCK is one of number of health and wellness products developed by Plexus Worldwide. The company operates a multi-level marketing program (MLM) and, as is always the case with such schemes, the “opportunity” is presented in a way that suggests it can be very lucrative. People who sign-up and become distributors are referred to as “ambassadors”. They can purchase the product at a slightly reduced price and keep the profits made from each sale. Ambassadors also receive a commission on the sales generated by their “downline”. Plexus Worldwide is a little different from most MLM businesses because customers can purchase directly from the company website. The majority of MLM companies force customers to purchase via a distributor.

Customers who decide to purchase Plexus BLOCK are told to expect the following benefits:

  • Helps control carbs and sugars without blocking the absorption of beneficial nutrients.
  • Reduces the glycemic index of carbohydrates and sugars.
  • Helps manage the weight when combined with diet and exercise.

What is Plexus BLOCK and How Does it Work? 

Plexus BLOCK is a carb blocker. Diet pills that are designed to work in this manner attempt to lower the daily calorie intake by interfering with the body’s ability to digest carbohydrates (including simple sugars). The undigested food passes through the body and is emitted with the stool. Each gram of carbohydrate contains four calories, but if it is not digested none of the calories are released. This can help produce a state where the body becomes so short of calories it needs to burn fat to get extra energy. Carb blockers do have value as a weight loss aid, but sensible eating practices are still required.

what does Plexus Block do

Key Ingredients

Each (2 capsule) dose contains:

  • Chromium (200mcg): Chromium is not a carb blocker, but it can help keep blood sugar levels under control and prevent the desire to snack on sweet foods.
  • Brown Seaweed Blend (500mg): This ingredient has no carb blocking ability either, but it contains a compound called fucoxanthin that may have value as a fat burning aid.
  • White Kidney Bean 10:1 Extract (200mg): The carb blocking abilities of white kidney bean extract can be supported by a study conducted at the University of Calfornia, and studies conducted elsewhere have produced equally good results. However, researchers in California gave the volunteers 1000mg per day. The amount provided here may be too low.
Usage Instructions –  Two capsules are required before any meal that contains sugar or carbohydrates.

Plexus Block Customer Feedback

When it comes to customer feedback, the water has been muddied by the fact that the product is marketed using MLM methods. Ambassadors always have plenty of good things to say about Plexus BLOCK and all of the company’s other products, but they could hardly knock them when they are hoping the products will enable them to become rich. Needless to say, any feedback provided on an ambassador-run site is apt to be very biased. Even the feedback system on unbiased sites, such as Amazon, often shows signs of manipulation.

One example reads:

“All Plexus products are fantastic and Block is no exception. Yes, I admit I’m an ambassador, but I use all of the products and know they are first-rate. I’m not attempting to make a sale, I just want to make sure everyone knows about our life-changing products.”

Here’s a somewhat less obvious example by an ambassador who is trying to divert customers from another site and encourage them to buy directly from him:

“This is the best carb blocker. It helps me to lose weight even though I cheat with my diet all the time. I’ve discovered I can save over 40% by purchasing wholesale at”

Plexus Block Side Effects & Health Issues

It is intended for people who are over 18-years of age, but it is not suitable for women who are pregnant or nursing a child. Anyone who has existing health problems, or is taking medication, should check with a physician prior to using the product to help them to lose weight.

Buying Plexus Block

There are a number of ways to purchase Plexus BLOCK. Firstly by visiting the Plexus Worldwide website and purchasing directly from the manufacturer. Dieters who choose to purchase this way have two options. They can either buy as a “retail customer” and pay $39.95 £30.00 per (60 capsule) bottle. Alternatively they can opt to be a “preferred customer”. This will allow them to receive a modest discount but, by purchasing in this way, customers are also agreeing to sign-up for an automated billing and shipping program that will provide them with a fresh bottle of pills every month and cause an automatic payment to be taken from the card they used to make the original purchase.

The other option is to buy directly from an ambassador. Some of them have created their own websites and a few are also selling the product on


Plexus BLOCK is backed by a 60-day money back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

Plexus BLOCK contains three ingredient that are well respected for their ability to boost weight loss, but the product is marketed as a carb blocker and it may not contain enough white kidney bean extract to get the job done. However, the presence of a money back guarantee ensures customers have nothing to lose, so it could still be worth a try.


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