PhenQ – it can burn fat, block fat, suppress appetite, detox your body and improve your mood.

PhenQPhenQ is a non prescription diet pill with a pharmacy quality formula.

It can burn excess body fat, suppress appetite, detox your system and provide energy – it can also help block the production of new fat cells from being produced.

It can be ordered exclusively from its own official website

What we like about PhenQ is that it has no gimmicks, it pretty much does what says on the tin.

We like the fact that it can bought direct and a long 60 money back guarantee is given (have you tried getting a refund from a high street store once the packet is open)

We would place PhenQ higher then any competing fat blocker, fat burner or appetite suppressor.

It is very well priced and you get an absolute steal by a clever tactical purchase, buying the 3 bottle offer, you get 2 extra free so in effect its £26 / $38 per bottle, for 5 months worth. There is also free shipping and with the 60 day refund guarantee it is a totally risk free purchase

Claims:  To offer a multi faceted approach by providing a fat burning, fat blocking, appetite suppressing and detoxing mechanic of action

Positives: Great ingredient profile from a respected UK based company. Multiple weight loss supplements. Lots of positive testimonials. 60 day money back guarantee with free shipping

Negatives: Not many it has to be said.

Highly Recommended

Due to the buy 3 get 2 free offer there is no valid coupon code

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PhenQ Review

PhenQ ResultsA pill that is so good it can offer the same benefits as multiple weight loss supplements—is such a thing possible?

Bauer Nutrition certainly seem to think it is because that is exactly what they are promising for their PhenQ capsules.

We would normally take such claims with a pinch of salt, but in this case we will side with Bauer, a well-established company with a good reputation for producing quality products.

They also back all their products with a 60-day money back guarantee, so it is easy to belay the salt.

Whether you are wanting a fat blocker, a fat burner, or any other genre of diet pill, PhenQ is a must buy!

What Does It Do  – Benefits

  • Boosts energy levels and enhances the mood
  • Suppresses the appetite and reduces hunger
  • Burns existing body fat
  • Prevents the production of new fat cells by blocking fat
  • Acts as an antioxidant
  • Targets your weight in 5 different ways

How the Formulation Works 

Like many other supplements, PhenQ encourages the body to run low on calories by suppressing the appetite and encouraging the body to burn calories faster than normal. However, the formulation also contains ingredients to prevent the formation of fresh fat stores, enhance the mood, and provide extra energy—hence the bold claims for the pills.

Usage Guidelines – Capsules are taken twice per day.

  • One capsule with breakfast
  • One capsule with lunch

Due to the fact that the formulation utilizes caffeine to provide extra energy, taking the capsules after 3pm is not recommended and Bauer suggests caffeine-sensitive individuals avoid combining the capsules with other caffeine providers such as coffee, tea, or coke.

Key Ingredients

  • Capsimax Powder
  • Calcium Carbonate
  • L Carnitine Furmarate
  • Chromium Picolinate
  • Caffeine
  • Nopal

Blend Potential

The PhenQ blend contains some good ingredients that should have the potential to live up to the claims Bauer make for the product.

A-lacys-reset pillsThe main ingredient appears to be a-LACYS RESET. It is a proprietary blend that contains cysteine and alpha-lipoic acid and has shown a lot of promise as a weight loss aid. The test subjects involved in onc clinical trial showed a 3.8% increase in muscle mass that was accompanied by a 3.44% drop in bodyweight.

Muscle tissue weighs more than fat tissue so, bearing in mind the increased muscle mass, the amount of fat burned during the study period must have been considerably more than the results suggest.

Capsimax powder is a proprietary blend that provides capsicum, piperine, and niacin. Capsicum and piperine (a black pepper extract) are both capable of speeding up the metabolism and triggering thermogenic fat burning. Niacin improves the metabolism as well and also eases the conversion of dietary nutrients into useable energy.

Calcium carbonate can interfere with the body’s ability to form new fat cells, and nopal (a cactus extract) shields dietary fats as they pass through the digestive system, preventing them from releasing their calories in the normal manner.

Caffeine is an energy provider and L Carnitine Furmarate is an amino acid that is often used in nootropic formulations that are designed to improve the mood. Chromium picolinate is primarily a fat burning ingredient, but it can also be useful for balancing blood sugar levels. 

What do Past Customers have to Say about the Pills?

A few comments taken from diet and fitness forums read:

“Has anybody here tried PhenQ? I lost over 2kg in the first week and was wondering if anyone else has tried it.”

“The only thing I’ve found that works is a supplement called “PhenQ”. You can only get them off the internet, so that’s a bit of a pain (I prefer to shop in store), but they are great for shifting the extra poundage and give you loads of energy.”

I had a similar problem after the birth of my first child, but PhenQ gave me the extra edge I need to lose weight and helped me get back into shape. Now all I need is to find something that can help with my stretch marks :-(“

PhenQ is the best diet pill I have uses. I have always had a problem with my weight, I diet, reach my goal and then I think the job is done…. its maintaining the weight that is important. PhenQ does this for me – its stops me from overeating.

Possible PhenQ Side Effects?

No side effects have been reported, but the manufacturer states PhenQ is not a suitable option for pregnant or nursing mothers, people who are under 18-years-old, or anyone who has existing health issues or is taking medication.

The Final Evaluation

When evaluating the merits of any product the first thing we do is compare the claims made for it with the benefits attributed to the ingredients used in the formulation and in this case the formulation appears to be very strong and more than enough to support all claims made. The next thing we look at is customer feedback (if available) and, judging by the comments made, PhenQ is well supported. Everything indicates the product is quality.  The fact that Bauer Nutrition offers a 60 day money back guarantee further compounds its reputation.

Highly Recommended

Marketing & Distribution

PhenQ order information UK and IrelandPhenQ is only available via the official product website – shipping is to all countries and there are multiple currency options

There are ways to obtain at a discounted price, if you ordered the 3 bottles offer you will get an extra 2 bottles – this equates to £26 / $38 per bottle. There is also of course the 2 month money back guarantee and free shipping anywhere on the planet.

Visit official PhenQ website and view special offers

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