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Women’s Best Slim UK – Can You Really Enjoy The Difference?

Women’s Best Slim is an appetite suppressant containing glucomannan. Women’s Best is a supplement company that is based in Germany and markets its products with the promise that they are specially designed for women. Women’s Best have many products in their portfolio including hair-enhancing vitamin pills, protein-providing confectionery, beauty-enhancing collagen drinks, and several other unusual products. Despite our views on this particular …

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Womens Best Burner Caps Review

WB advert

Women’s Best is a supplement manufacturer based in Germany. The company produces a number of health and wellness products including protein shakes, vitamin pills, and weight loss pills and shakes. Everything the company produces is intended for women and, as the name suggests, Burner Caps is their female-friendly fat burning product. According to the Burner Caps sales page, the capsules …

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Liporidex PM Review, Nighttime Formula

Liporidex PM bottle

Liporidex PM is a night time formula. If you are searching for a stimulant-free diet pill that can burn your fat while you are sleeping, Nuretix Research Labs claim they have created a product that can help. It’s called Liporidex PM and the company say it has the ability to turn the body into a “fat burning furnace” without interfering …

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Nutrex Lipo Black 6 Hers Review – Formula, Side Effects and Stockists

Lipo 6 Hers Black advert

Nutrex Lipo 6 Black Hers is fat burning capsule intended for women. It appears to have replaced Lipo6 Hers. It is part of a range of dietary supplements produced in Florida by Nutrex Research. The promised benefits include: Rapid fat burning Fast-acting liquid capsules Max strength formula for women Claims: to be a strong women only weight loss pill. It is …

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PGX Daily Review for UK and Ireland with Comments from customers

PGX Daily UK and Ireland

PGX DAILY is an appetite suppressing diet pill produced by Webber Naturals. The company’s head office is in British Columbia and there is a sales office in Ontario. The company website provides telephone and fax numbers for both locations, along with an online contact form, so customers who have any questions or concerns about the product should not find it …

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Gravitate Supersculpt Review – with Gravitate DietVits

gravitate supersculpt capsules

Gravitate Supersculpt and Gravitate DietVits are British made weight loss products that are designed to offer the best results when used together in combination with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Both products are suitable for men and women, they are stimulent free and do pose a risk from side effects. There is also a long 35 day guarantee and …

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