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Trimplex Elite – Does It Work, Or Is It A Scam

Trimplex Elite advert

Trimplex Elite is diet pill designed to suppress the appetite, speed up the metabolism, and help people to lose weight without diet or exercise. The main ingredient is raspberry ketone and this is presented as a main selling point. Raspberry ketone has a reputation for getting results, but raspberry ketone diet pills are often marketed via free trial offers and …

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Fat Killer Slimming Pill Review

Fat Killer website

Fat Killer is a diet pill distributed a Aliaz Cooperation. The company appears to be based in Latvia and actively targets people living in Germany, the Netherlands, and various other European countries. At the time of this review, it did not appear to be possible to get the pills shipped to the UK, but this should probably be seen as …

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CelluStepper – Targets Hips, Thighs and Buttocks

CelluStepper is a dietary supplement developed in France by NHCO Nutrition. The company has over 20 years of experience and specializes in producing supplements that are powered by amino acids. Their product range includes anti-ageing formulations, hair restorers, and cholesterol management pills. CelluStepper is a two-part system intended to help women to lose weight more efficiently and get rid of …

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Victory Fat Burner Review – Ingredients, Results and Cost

Victory Fat Burner review

Victory Fat Burner is a fat burning diet pill developed by Weider Global Nutrition. The company was founded in 1936 by the family of the bodybuilding legend Joe Weider, and is still going strong 80 years later, so there can be little doubt of its credibility as a dietary supplement manufacturer. Victory Fat Burner appears to have been dropped from …

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Three Time Slim Review UK

Three Times Slim review UK

Three Time Slim is a dieting system brought to market by Liothyss Laboratories. The company is based in Toussieu and has been producing dieting products for more than 10 years. The name “Three Time Slim” has been well chosen because dieters who purchase the product are provided with three separate products that work together to provide different benefits at different …

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XYZ Smart Collagen Review – How It Works

Smart Collagen cream

XYZ Smart Collagen is a beauty product launched by Wolfson Berg late in 2016. The company was established more than a decade ago and is responsible for creating a number of leading health and beauty products including the number one diet pill, PhenQ. According to the marketing material, people who use XYZ Smart Collagen may end up looking several years younger …

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Best Slimming Tablets For 2017

diet pills 2017

With such a wide choice available, finding a suitable slimming tablet can be a challenge. It’s too easy to make the wrong decision, buy a diet pill that does not work, and end up feeling ripped off instead of looking more ripped. We want to help; so we’ve put together a list of best slimming tablets for 2017. We’ve only picked three, …

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