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Met-Rx Thermo Crush Review With Customer Comments

Thermo Crush ingredients

Met-Rx Thermo Crush is a thermogenic fat burning capsule specifically designed to support your efforts in the gym and help you to get ripped. The Met-Rx supplement company was founded in California and has been bought and sold several times. It is presently owned by Health & Diet Centres Limited, which was acquired by Holland & Barrett in 2003. Holland …

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Shinya Koso Night Diet Review

Shinya Koso

Shinya Koso Night Diet is a supplement that’s made in Japan and supposedly has the ability to get the body burning extra fat like nobody’s business. This is apparently achieved because the formulation contains a blend of enzymes and other natural ingredients that have miraculous metabolism boosting abilities. If the marketing material is to be believed, a single tablet has …

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Herbex Fat Burn Review Pros and Cons

Herbex diet pills

Herbex Fat Burn Complete Pack consists of three products, all of which can be purchased individually from the Herbex website. Buying the three together as a pack is cheaper than ordering them as three separate products, but the fact that Herbex are bundling them in this way raises questions about the supplements’ ability to go it alone. Read our independent …

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Fat Blaster Fat Magnet – UK Review With Customer Feedback

Fat Magnet Australia

Fat Magnet is a fat binding capsule made in Australia by Fat Blaster. The capsules are claimed to have the ability to bind up to 60 times their own weight in dietary fat and absorb three times as much fat as the UK’s leading brand. No scientific proof is provided to support the first claim. The second claim also fails …

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Lipotrim How Does It Work – Review With Customer Feedback

Lipotrim Ireland

Lipotrim is an obesity management program developed in the UK by Howard Foundation Research. It consists of meal replacement shakes, chicken soup, and flapjacks. Lipotrim dieters are not allowed to deviate from the plan by eating other meals or snacks. Nor can they overindulge because, each week, they are provided with a seven-day supply of products. It is not possible …

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Collagen – How it is affected by the ageing process

what is collagen

There are 29 forms of collagen in the human body. It’s the main component in connective tissue. The skin contains type 1. Collagen is extremely strong. The type 1 collagen in the skin is also flexible and the support it provides helps ensure wrinkle-free, firm skin and a good complexion. Collagen also supports the healing process whenever the skin is …

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Défiligne Review – Brûleur Jour- Nuit

Yves Rocher Défiligne Brûleur Jour/Nuit

Défiligne Brûleur Jour – Nuit is a weight management product brought to market by Yves Rocher. The company also distributes beauty products and a range of deodorants, shower gels, and other personal care items. It appears run its business in a respectable manner and customer service representative can be contacted via telephone, during the day, Monday to Friday. Défiligne Brûleur …

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