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Phen375 – Alternative To Phentermine Available Without Prescription

Phen375 is a Phentermine substitute manufactured by RDK Global and distributed worldwide exclusively via the Phen375 website. Phentermine is a powerful appetite suppressing drug. It works, everyone knows it works, and most dieters would bend over backwards to obtain a supply. But Phentermine is a controlled drug and unless dieters are seriously obese it is unlikely that they will be …

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Fullfast Metabolico Tablets Review

Fullfast Metabolico Tablets

The Fullfast range of dietary products is produced in Italy by Medestea Biotech. There are three items in the range. The first two (spray and chewing gum) are appetite suppressants. Metabolico tablets are designed to work as fat burners and, although Medestea state the tablets can be used as a standalone weight loss aid, it seems pretty clear they are …

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XLS Medical Fat Binder Direct Review

XLS Medical fat Binder Powder

XLS Medical Fat Binder Direct is a fat binding product manufactured by Omega Pharma. The company has a lot of experience producing fat binders, but its previous fat binders were produced in tablet form. Fat Binder Direct is produced as powder and packed in a long sachet called a “stick”. XLS Medical Fat Binder was arguably the flagship product that …

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Activ8X Diet Drops – Burn Fat, Suppress Appetite And Stop Carbs

Active8X diet drops review

Activ8 X diet drops are a weight loss product produced in Great Britain by Amas Enterprises Limited and distributed via the Activ8X website. The site is easy to navigate, provides an admirable amount of information about the product, and offers several contact options for customer services; so first impressions are good. Some site visitors may find the chat facility a …

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Ten Best Foods to Eat After a Workout at the Gym

The importance of post-workout nutrition should never be underestimated. Eating the wrong foods or combinations of foods can severely impair muscle gains, but the correct foods, eaten at the correct time can ensure accelerated muscle repair and maximum growth. Slogging through an intense training regimen puts a strain on the body and it cannot replenish damaged tissues unless it has …

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Ten Best Foods to Eat for Muscle Building Before Going to the Gym

Banana sandwich is great to eat before a workout

What you eat and when you eat it can make all the difference to how you perform in the gym. It’s no good hitting the weights on an empty stomach because once your body has used up all the glycogen available it may start burning off hard-earned muscle to supply it with the extra energy it needs. A lack of …

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Carb Blockers – What Are They And How Do They Work

Carbohydrates foods

In theory weight loss is a simple thing—if the diet supplies less calories than the body requires it has to obtain its calories from elsewhere and fat burning will commence. In practice things are not so easy. Many dieters find it hard to cut down their calorie intakes, or increase their calorie expenditure sufficiently via exercise and other activities, and …

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