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Phenadrine – with DMAA, is it the worlds strongest diet & energy aid

Phenadrine fat burning capsules are produced by APS and marketed as “The World’s Strongest Diet and Energy Aid“. Claims like this are very common in the diet supplement industry, but the formulation really does contain some strong ingredients. Unfortunately these ingredients also have a history of problems with side effects. The capsules contain a number of stimulants, and that alone …

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Hyper T5 Fat Burner – Is It The UK’s Most Powerful Fat Burner

Hyper T5 website

Pay a visit to the Hyper T5 Fat Burner website and you will be greeted by a message that states you’ve found the home of the UK’s most powerful fat burning product. That’s a confident boast to make, but it would be a lot more convincing if the pills were backed by a money back guarantee. The other worrying thing …

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Xenical Fat Blocker – can you buy it over the counter without prescription

Xenical Orlistat 120 Mg

Xenical (orlistat) is a prescription only medication that can block some of the fat contained in food and prevent it from releasing the calories locked inside. This is a useful ability because every gram of fat contains 9 calories. That’s over twice as many as protein or carbohydrates, both of which supply just 4 calories per gram. This notable difference …

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Skinny Fox Detox – Hello Gorgeous, Goodbye Cherry Pie

Skinny Fox

Skinny Fox Detox is a 28-day detox system created and marketed by SkinnyFoxDetox. The company is based in the US and also markets a 14-day “Mini Fox” detox system. Both options involve the use of the same two herbal tea blends—”Hello Gorgeous” (taken in the morning) and “Goodbye Cherry Pie” (bedtime tea). The herbal detox tea industry is big business …

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Compound 14 – the new science in weight loss

Obesity is a bit problem in the UK. Recent statistics show 15 million people in the country are obese and the number is expected to rise to 26 million by the year 2030. One in 10 deaths are already linked to obesity, so the figures for the future do not paint a picture of a heart-healthy Britain, but researchers at …

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Glucommannan Weight Loss And Appetite Suppressant Benefits

Glucommannan and its weight loss benefits

Glucomannan is a natural fibre extracted from the roots of the konjac plant. It has many uses and in some Eastern countries it is incorporated into confectionary products, but these days it is becoming increasingly valued as a weight loss provider. But how can an ingredient used in sweets be considered an effective dieting aid? The answer might surprise you. …

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