Oxyshred Review – Thermogenic Fat Burning Powder

Oxyshred UK ReviewOxyshred is a food supplement manufactured in the US by EHP labs. It is produced in powder form and should be consumed as a shake.

The sales page on the manufacturer’s website does not provide much information about the product other than it is intended to work as a fat burner and energy provider.

EPH labs are responsible for several similar products and ship worldwide – although it would be fair to say that the United States is their target market

Claims:  To be a scientifically researched and efficaciously dosed potent thermogenic fat burner

Positives: Some good ingredients

Negatives: Customer reviews are mixed

The promised benefits listed on the tub are:

  • Destroys stubborn fat cells
  • Promotes hyper-lipolysis
  • Speeds up metabolism
  • Boosts natural energy
  • Immune system support

What is Oxyshred and how does it Work? 

Oxyshred has been designed to boost the metabolism and increase the breakdown of fat cells. If the formulation can successfully achieve this, extra calories will become available for use and Oxyshred users will experience an elevation of their energy levels. If the formulation also lives up to the claims about supporting the immune system, the body may also heal faster than normal. This is a benefit that may be particularly useful for more athletic users who are using Oxyshred as a pre-workout supplement or to support their muscle building needs.

Key Ingredients & Blend Potential

  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCAR): A compound that is believed to aid the metabolism of fatty acids and help transform it into energy.
  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA): Supplementation with CLA appears to increase the basal metabolic rate and aid the conversion of food into energy. It has also been shown to improve the ratio of muscle to fat.
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE): Provides a substance called naringin that is reputed to boost the metabolism and encourage fat burning.
  • Guggulsterone (Guggul Extract Powder): A tree resin that is often used as a testosterone booster. It is also believed to be capable of suppressing the production of grelin (hunger hormone).
  • L-Glutamine: An important nutrient that can often be sacrificed during periods of hard exercise. A lack of l-glutamine can make the body vulnerable to disease and slow down tissue repair capabilities, so the addition of l-glutamine here may help provide some of the promised “immune system support”.
  • Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid): Vitamin is important for a healthy and efficient immune system and is also useful for purging the body of free radicals. It is a vitamin that is easily lost from the body so is certainly a valuable inclusion here.
  • Taurine: An antioxidant that can protect the body from damaging free radicals and is also believed to lower cholesterol levels.
Usage Instructions – For best results Oxyshred should be consumed twice per day. The first dose of the day is required first thing in the morning and should be taken on an empty stomach, but the sales page on the manufacturer’s website fails to state the optimum time for the second dose.

However, on training days the formulations should be consumed 15 minutes before exercise is commenced. The manufacturers also advise against eating food or consuming other shakes within 20 minutes of taking Oxyshred, as this may interfere with the blend’s absorption.

To make the shake combine 1 (10 oz.) scoop of the formulation with 295ml of water.

To make the shake combine 1 (10 oz.) scoop of the formulation with 295ml of water.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is mixed. Some users say the formulation works well, others just the opposite.

A couple of average reviews read:

Horrible taste. Doesn’t work.
An amazing product that burns fat, but doesn’t leave you all jittery and wound up.

Side Effects & Health Issues

The manufacturers do not mention any side effects, but pregnant or nursing mothers should always play it safe and seek medical advice before using any brand of supplement. The same advice is offered to anyone who has any existing health issues or concerns or is taking medication.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

Oxyshred can be purchased from some high street outlets, but finding a supplier can be hard, so many people may find it easier to purchase directly from the manufacturer’s website. A choice of four flavors are available, including wild melon and pink grapefruit, and each 300g tub has a price tag of $69.95 (provides 60 servings).

The Bottom Line

For a product that is marketed primarily on its supposed fat burning abilities, the Oxyshred formulation is noticeably lacking in fat burning ingredients. Admittedly, several of the ingredients show some potential in this regard, but none of them could be regarded as being major players when it comes to fat burning. The blend could have been much improved by the addition of raspberry ketones, garginia cambogia, green tea, or any number of other ingredients. Bearing in mind the mixed response to the product so far, the lack of a money back guarantee, and the somewhat pricey price tag attached to the product, we are unable to add Oxyshred to our list of recommended products.

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