Nip and Tuck Tummy Tuck – Tummy Weight Loss Pills Review

Nip and Tuck tummy Tuck pillsNip and Tuck Tummy Tuck weight loss pills are marketed by Dream Remedies. The company appears to be based in the UK, but very little is known about them and site visitors who check the Dream Remedies website’s “About Us Section” are informed:

“If you would like to know more about Dream Remedies, please contact us by emailing info@ companyname”

The company markets numerous other health and beauty supplements that range from sun tan pills to breast enhancing cream and “Turn On” sex pills. The Nip & Tuck range alone boasts a total of 19 products, all of them marketed on the back of claims that probably contain more “dream” than remedy.

Claims:  To target fat on the stomach area, can give you similar results to those of cosmetic ‘tummy tuck’ surgery.

Positives: Probably wont give you side effects.

Negatives: Rather gimmicky, not as effective in our opinion as some of the heavyweights. A compromise.

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Promised Nip and Tuck Tummy Tuck Benefits & Selling Points

Nip ans Tuck tummy tuck websiteAccording to Dream Remedies, their Nip & Tuck products are “the perfect solution for non-surgical skin and body treatments” and have been developed and tested alongside a team of cosmetic surgeons, but no evidence is supplied to support any of this.

Tummy Tuck apparently contains a “unique fat burning combination”, but the formulation consists of just one ingredient—raspberry ketone—and there are any number of alternative raspberry ketone pills on the market, so “unique” they are not.

Other claims include:

  • Speeds up your metabolism to encourage weight loss
  • Stops hunger cravings/suppresses your appetite
  • formulated using 100% safe and natural ingredients
  • No need to spend thousands on cosmetic surgery

Nip + Tuck Key Ingredients

Raspberry ketone ingredientNip and Tuck Tummy Tuck contains an unspecified amount of raspberry ketone. There are no other active ingredients.

Raspberry ketone is a natural compound that can be found in several species of fruit, but is generally associated with raspberries. It is an expensive ingredients to refine, but is often incorporated into food flavourings and is even used in the manufacture of perfumes.

Initial interest in raspberry ketone for weight loss began in 1995, after a study conducted on mice produced some good results, but most people remained ignorant of the ingredient’s potential until fairly recently when the weight loss powers of raspberry ketone became the focal point in an American TV show hosted by Dr Mehmet Oz (a cardiothoracic surgeon).

Dr OzOz had heard about the past tests conducted on raspberry ketone, could see its value as a weight loss aid, and recommended it to his viewers, calling it “a miracle in a bottle”. Since then raspberry ketone has become one of the most popular weight loss aids of the present time.

Studies show supplementation with raspberry ketone can improve the way fats are broken down and help the body to burn fat faster than normal.

The ingredient also increases secretion of a hormone (adiponectin) that helps regulate the metabolism and ensures the weight loss process is as smooth as possible. But there is a sting in the tail. It takes around 41 kg of raspberries to produce sufficient raspberry ketone for a single dose so many supplement manufacturers use the, cheaper to produce, synthetic version. Unfortunately it is not as good as natural raspberry ketone. Dream Remedies do not state which version they are using so, bearing in mind the quantity used is also unknown, it is not possible to predict what results (if any) use of the blend may entail.

How to Take Nip and Tuck Tummy Tuck

One pill is required per day, and should be taken each morning with some 

Nip + Tuck Pills Customer Feedback

The Dream Remedies website showcases a few testimonials that are purported to have been left by satisfied customers, including one attributed to someone who ditched the idea of going under the knife, popped some tummy tuck pills instead and got the body she’d always dreamed about. Needless to say, testimonials that come courtesy of a manufacturer’s website are never to be relied upon and, in this case, no independent reviews are available.

However, the RipOff Report website contains a complaint from a customer who claims she placed an order with Dream Remedies to the value of £47.38, but had a charge of £73.89, applied to her card. This was supposedly followed by a further charge moments later. The customer says she contacted Dream Remedies about the matter, but the company stopped replying to her emails.

Nip And Tummy Tuck Side Effects

Raspberry ketone has not been linked to side effects or other issues, but pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding a child are ill advised to take any form of dietary supplement without prior approval from their GP. Individuals who have existing health issues, of any health fears, should also seek medical advice before commencing supplementation.


The Nip and Tuck Tummy Tuck sales page states:

“Nip & Tuck products guarantee great results, fast!”

But the website terms and conditions page states:

“Goods that are sealed or shrink-wrapped and this is removed can only be returned if they are defective.”

Purchasing Options & Considerations

Nip and Tuck Tummy Tuck is primarily marketed via the Dream Remedies website, but it is also possible to purchase the pills via Amazon and eBay. In all cases the price is the same—£23 for a bottle of 30 pills.

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