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LipozymeLipozyme is a food supplement manufactured by BioCare. The company is based in Birmingham, has been producing health supplements for three decades, and boasts its pride in producing high quality innovative products. At the time of this review the BioCare range contained 26 products, including amino acids and liquid vitamins and minerals.

However, although the thought of buying from such an established company may provide customers with a certain degree of confidence, the fact that BioCare fails to offer a money back guarantee may have the opposite effect.

According to the sales material, which is brief to say the least, Lipozyme is a vegetarian friendly capsule that delivers a high potency fat digesting enzyme that remains effective in the “harsh conditions of the stomach”.

Claims:  To be able to stabilize your stomach pH and ratain digestive capability over a wide range of pH variances

Positives: Good ingredient profile, reputable company

Negatives: Not a weight loss product

The promised benefits are:

  • Acid stable against stomach pH
  • Vacuum packed to maintain the shelf-life and stability of the enzyme
  • Capable of retaining digestive capability over a wide range of pH variances

What is Lipozyme and How Does it Work? 

Lipozyme is a supplement that contains only one active ingredient, a digestive enzyme called lipase that is usually produced in the mouth, stomach, and pancreas.

According to the University of Maryland Medical Centre, the body uses lipase to break down dietary fats and help them be absorbed more easily. The majority of people produce a sufficient amount of this important enzyme, but some maladies, including Crohn’s disease and cystic fibrosis, can interfere with the body’s ability to produce lipase. The resulting lack of lipase can interfere with the body’s ability to extract the vital nutrients provided by food. However, the health experts at the University of Maryland Medical Centre state supplementation with lipase is unlikely to benefit anyone whose ability to produce the enzyme has not been retarded by disease.

Lipozyme stomach

The information provided by the University of Maryland Medical Centre cannot be discounted, but some scientific evidence suggests a link between lipase and weight loss. This cannot be discounted either. However, when used as a standalone ingredient, as is the case here, lipase is unlikely to provide dieters with a level of support that is sufficient to help them to attain noticeable weight loss results. A good appetite suppressant and fat burner would be a far better option.

Key Ingredients

Each capsule contains 40mg of Lipase (providing 1400 Lipase units).

Usage Instructions –  Only one capsule is required each day and should preferably be taken with food.

Lipozyme Customer Feedback

A few average statements read:

“If you have had your gall bladder removed these pills are a must, especially if you have problems digesting cheese.”
“I’m not sure if this does anything, but it doesn’t appear to have any side effects, so I’ll persevere a little longer.”
“I use Lipozyme to prevent stomach acid (used to be a big problem) and I’ve discovered I’ve been losing a little weight every week since beginning the treatment.”
“Good for aiding the digestion. All my tummy problems have become a thing of the past.”
“A must if you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome.”

Lipozyme Side Effects & Health Issues

Lipozyme is unlikely to be suitable for women who are pregnant or nursing a child, and the manufacturer suggests people who are under medical supervision check with their GP before using Lipozyme. Individuals who suffer from gastritis, colitis, or ulcerative conditions are advised to be particularly cautious.

Buy Lipozyme

A bottle of Lipozyme contains 90 capsules and this should be sufficient for a 90 day period if the product is used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

It is possible to purchase Lipozyme via the manufacturer’s website and the product is also stocked by many UK-based online stores, including Dolphin Fitness and Nutrition Centre. The price is usually £17-£21, depending on the chosen supplier and any promotions offers that may be available at the time of purchase.

Lipozyme Guarantee

Lipozyme is not sold with a money back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

As a weight loss product Lipozyme leaves much to be desired, but it will probably be useful for easing some of the problems faced by people suffering from cystic fibrosis and other conditions that interfere with the body’s ability to manufacture lipase. In all fairness to the manufacturer though, Lipozyme is marketed as a product that helps break down dietary fats. It is not designed to be a weight loss supplement. Dieters who purchase the product will likely only do so due to a misunderstanding about the product’s intended function.

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