Lipotrim How Does It Work – Review With Customer Feedback

LipotrimLipotrim is an obesity management program developed in the UK by Howard Foundation Research.

It consists of meal replacement shakes, chicken soup, and flapjacks. Lipotrim dieters are not allowed to deviate from the plan by eating other meals or snacks.

Nor can they overindulge because, each week, they are provided with a seven-day supply of products. It is not possible to go and purchase more.

How the Lipotrim Obesity Management Program Works

The average man needs around 2,500 calories per day to maintain the same weight. The average woman only needs 2,000 calories. When people gain weight it’s because they have regularly consumed more calories than their body required.

When people control their eating habits sufficiently to cause the body to get less calories than it requires, it starts burning its stores of fat to obtain extra energy. People who only consume Lipotrim products get considerably less calories then they need, so the body has to burn fat every single day.

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Lipotrim Health Concerns

Although Howard Foundation Research claims people using Lipotrim products will still obtain all the important nutrients their body requires, customer feedback raises some doubts. Many customers complain of hair loss and bad breath also appears to be an issue. When the body is lacking in zinc and other nutrients it often leads to hair loss. Bad breath can also be caused by vitamin deficiencies.

Customer feedback suggest hunger pangs can be a big problem as well. Starving the body is a good way to lose weight, but the NHS say it is not safe to lose weight too quickly and suggest dieters lose no more than two pounds per week.

Many Lipotrim dieters state the program helped them to lose more than six pounds per week and one woman reports a weight loss of 10 pounds in seven days.

Bearing in mind the guidelines provided by the NHS, losing weight at such a rapid rate does not seem wise, and many customers say the weight returns at an equally fast rate as soon as the program is stopped.

Finding a Lipotrim Supplier

How the Lipotrim Obesity Management Program WorksWhen Lipotrim was introduced, in 1987, the products could only be purchased via a GP. The official website points this out, and the idea that it is a doctor recommended weight loss program would appear to give it credibility, but the amount of doctors recommending the product are few and far between. At the time of this review, the Lipotrim GP index only listed five clinics.

In the year 2000, Howard Foundation Research removed some of the restrictions and made the program available via certain pharmacies. However, although a lot of local pharmacies have jumped on the Lipotrim bandwagon, Boots and the other big-name pharmacies have not, so a lot of people may find it hard to find a Lipotrim supplier.

Distribution Restrictions

Finding a supplier is only the first step. Once this is achieved, potential Lipotrim dieters have to show a serious commitment to losing weight and anyone who wishes to buy Lipotrim from a participating pharmacy will need to complete a medical questionnaire. If the pharmacist believes there may be health issues that makes the program an unsuitable option they may refuse to supply Lipotrim products without a GP’s approval.

Once someone has been accepted into the program, they will have to visit their supplier every week so their weight loss progress can be monitored. There can be no skipping the checks because a weekly visit is necessary to pick up the Lipotrim products allocated for the following week.

Product Pricing

Lipotrim suppliers don’t have to stick to any hard and fast rules as far as the price goes. They can charge whatever they wish, but the recommended price is £45 per week for women and £60 for men. The difference in price is because male users receive slightly more products than those of the female persuasion. This reflects the aforementioned fact that men need more calories in a day than women do.

Customer Comments

A few average comments taken from forums read:

“I was losing a stone a month with Lipotrim. I was glad to see it go, but I felt hungry and miserable the entire time. I also began losing my hair and from what people tell me my breath started to smell pretty bad. I was glad when I reached my ideal weight because it meant I could stop, but as soon as I did all the weight came back.”
“… but I don’t think it’s healthy to live on shakes. I had my doubts from the start, but kept on going because I was losing weight. Then when I started to lose hair my suspicions were confirmed so I stopped. Seriously, I would go for something else If I were you…”
“It helped me to lose weight all right, but it also started to cost me my hair. I took that as a warning and stopped right away.”
“I didn’t like feeling so hungry, so I bought some diet pills instead and they seem to be doing the trick.”

The Final Judgement

PhenQ ResultsPeople are obviously losing weight with the Lipotrim weight loss program, but a lot of self-torture appears to be involved and it seems clear the allocated food is not sufficient to fulfil the body’s nutritional requirements.

Anyone thinking of losing weight this way is advised to look at the costs involved and then factor in the price of a good vitamin and mineral supplement and some appetite suppressing diet pills.

However, it would work out considerably cheaper to start eating a healthy diet, get a little more exercise, and combine these efforts with the use of a quality diet pill like PhenQ.

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