Lipoféine Expert Review with Customer Comments

Lipoféine Expert UK is a 30-day weight loss system that works in three stages and consists of three separate products.

The three products that make up the system are:

  • Lipoféime Detox
  • Lipoféime Burner
  • Lipoféine Block

Each stage lasts for 10 days and the manufacturer is very clear about the fact that good results will require the system be used in conjunction with diet and exercise.

Claims: Lipoféine Expert is intended to prep the body for maximum weight loss by providing a purge that will remove the toxins that have built up naturally

Positives: Contains natural ingredients

Negatives: Overly complicated, restricted in some countries.

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How Lipoféine Expert Works

Stage one of the system (detox) is intended to prep the body for maximum weight loss by providing a purge that will remove the toxins that have built up naturally (from food, environment, etc.) and could be retarding the metabolism and priming the body for weight gain instead of weight loss. One medical expert suggests it may be possible to rid the body of these toxins by peeing and pooping more, regularly working up a sweat, and practicing deep breathing techniques. However, certain natural ingredients are also known to be very good for delivering a purge.

After the body is prepped for weight loss it is time to bring out the big guns. The pills used in stage two of the system are designed to boost the metabolism and ensure the body burns an increased amount of calories per day. It’s basically a fat burning diet pill, but the formulation is very simple and relies on stimulants to encourage the desired fat burning effect.

The stage three product is a pill intended to suppress the appetite and block the absorption of dietary sugars. It’s a little strange to see a pill of this nature used in this way. It would likely offer more benefit if it were used in conjunction with the stage two treatment because hunger pangs are a problem dieters battle all of the time and they can be especially bad at the beginning of a weight loss regimen.

LipoFeine Expert review

Usage Instructions

  • Stage One (Detox): Two capsules are required each morning, followed by two more in the afternoon. They should be taken with a meal and washed down with plenty of water.
  • Stage Two (Fat Burning): One capsule is needed every morning and one more in the afternoon. The capsules should be taken with a meal and washed down with plenty of water.
  • Stage Three (Sugar Blocking / Appetite Suppression: Two capsules are required each morning, followed by two more in the afternoon. They should be taken with a meal and washed down with plenty of water.

Key Ingredients

Stage One (Detox)

Four capsules provide:

  • Green tea (374mg)
  • Artichoke leaf (250mg)
  • Dandelion root extract (50mg)
  • Piper’ In Active (15.8mg)
  • Pineapple stem powder (15mg)
  • Black radish root powder (10mg)
  • Vitamin B6 (1.4mg)

Artichoke and dandelion root are reputed to be capable of providing a detox. As is black radish and pineapple. Green tea is usually associated with fat burning, but it is believed to be capable of helping the body’s natural ability to purge itself from toxins. Vitamin B6 supports a healthy metabolism and Piper’ In Active is a patented form of piperine that helps other ingredients be absorbed more easily.

Stage Two (Fat Burning)

Two capsules provide:

  • Mate extract (400mg)
  • Guarana seed extract (150mg)
  • Piper’ In Active (15.8mg)

Mate is a South African plant that provides caffeine. Guarana is also a source of caffeine. It’s more potent than mate, but releases its caffeine slowly. Caffeine is a proven fat burner, but it is also a stimulant that some people do not tolerate well.

Stage Three (Sugar Blocking/Appetite Suppression)

Four capsules provide:

  • Gymnema extract (600mg)
  • Gum of carob (450mg)
  • Piper’ In Active (16mg)
  • Vitamin B3 (16mg)
  • Vitamin B12 (2.5μg)
  • Vitamin B6 (1.4mg)
  • Chromium (25μg)

The B vitamins included in the formulation will help support a healthy metabolism, but are unlikely to block sugar or suppress the appetite. Chromium can help prevent the after-eating blood sugar spikes that may trigger the impulse to eat sweet food. Gum of Carob offers several health benefits, and is sometimes used as an anti-obesity treatment, but it is generally more valued as a digestive aid. Gymnema is a shrub extract that can kill the desire for sweet food. The results of one study suggest it can be good for controlling blood sugar levels as well.

Lipoféine Expert Customer Comments

Customer comments tend to be short and to the point and suggest the product has failed to set the world on fire.

A few average comments read:

“Works good.”
“Doesn’t do a thing. The only thing you will burn will be your money.”
“It really works. I am very satisfied.” 
“Does not work.”
“I only lost 2lbs in the entire month.”

Lipoféine Expert Side Effects & Health Issues

Lipoféine Expert is not suitable for women who are pregnant or nursing a child. People with existing health issues should get a doctor’s approval prior to commencing use of this product or any other brand of supplement. The same advice is offered to people who are using medication.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

Lipoféine Expert is available from many French pharmacies and a few pharmacies in Belgium. It is also available via some online stores and from The price can vary, but Amazon customers pay around £40 for a 30-day supply of pills.


There is no money back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

Lipoféine Expert will probably help provide the promised 10-day detox, and that cannot be a bad thing. The 10-day fat burning formulation is rather disappointing though.

Caffeine has value as a fat burner, but anyone who drinks a few cups of coffee each day would get a larger dose of caffeine and, as a fat burner, caffeine does not compare well to other ingredients, such as capsicum and green tea.

The idea of 10-day appetite suppressing treatment (after the fat burning period) seems rather off skew and the blend is not nearly as powerful as other appetite suppressing formulations, although (thanks to chromium) it should offer extra help to dieters who have a sweet tooth.

Anyone who uses the three products that make up Lipoféine Expert should see some degree of benefit, but as far as weight loss providers go, this one is pretty lame.

Recommended Alternative

We highly recommend PhenQ – it is a far simpler diet product to use with excellent results.

PhenQ can burn excess body fat, block fat from the food that you eat from entering the digestive system and suppress appetite.

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