Lida Daidaihua Herbal Diet Pills Review

Lida Daidaihua Chinese diet pillsLida Daidaihua is a diet pill made in China. According to the marketing spiel, use of the capsules can produce significant weight loss, but no information is available about the manufacturers and the product is being sold by several websites, all of which appear to be the official site.

One site claims to belong to the only “authorized distributor of Lida Daidaihua Slimming Capsules in the USA”. Another site boasts it is the “only official site”, but another makes the same claim and a fourth site is set up to look like an official site and claims to have been dealing with the product for years. Only two sites provide any information about the ingredients used in the formulation, but that is just one of many problems areas with this product.

  • The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) class lida daidaihua as a “tainted” supplement that may endanger the health [source].
  • It is believed to contain a hidden ingredient (sibutramine) that is banned in the US and Europe [source].

Claims:  To help weight loss by utilising traditional Chinese herbs

Positives: Some good ingredients

Negatives: Some not so good ingredients.

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Advertsided Lida Daidaihua Benefits

The claims made for the product vary slightly from site to site, but the promised benefits listed on one site are:

  • Lida Daidaihua is it a scamControlling the fat intake effectively
  • Pure herbal essence, promoting satiety
  • Smoothing the intestines to relax the bowels
  • Blocking the non-fat material converting into fat

One of the other sites promises a weight loss of 30lbs. or more in a month.

Key Ingredients

Inclusion rates are unknown, but the four main ingredients appear to be:

  • Daidaihua: Usually called bitter orange. The ingredient is sourced from select species of citrus fruit. It shows a lot of promises as a weight loss provider, and has become an increasing popular inclusion in dietary supplements since the ban imposed on ephedrine (a dangerous ingredient).
  • Job’s-tears: An ingredient that is known by many different names including Chinese pearl barley and adlay. The name job’s-tears is due to the tear-shape the grains possess. The ingredient’s value as a weight loss aid is far from proven, but one study, conducted on rats, shows it may have potential for lowering blood lipid levels [source]
  • Cassia Seed: The sennoside chemicals the seed contain work on the bowel lining and exert a laxative effect. It is possible this could help purge the body of toxins and improve digestive health, which could then, in turn, help facilitate weigh loss, but cassia seed can also cause side effects that include hypertension and, in the case of pregnant women, premature labour [source].
  • Mulberry Leaf: The leaves of the mulberry are reputed to be capable of maintaining blood sugar levels, thanks to a component found in the leaves (1-deoxynojrimycin). Hunger pangs can often be triggered when the blood sugar level drops too low. So, if mulberry leaf can stop the levels from dropping too low, it may keep the hunger pangs at bay. Supporting scientific evidence is lacking, but the results from one study show the ingredient may have value for controlling cholesterol levels [source].

How to Take Lida Daidaihua

One of the “official” websites states Lida Daidaihua is so powerful only one capsule is needed each day. Another of the sites sells a number of other products and says best results can be obtained by combining Lida Daidaihua with one of the company’s other supplements.

Customer Feedback

Some of the sites offer testimonials that suggest the product works for weight loss, but no independent reviews could be found. However, a reports posted on the ScamBook website suggests fake products may also be on the market—so buyer beware [source].

Lida Daidaihua Side Effects

The formulation may also contain unspecified ingredients. If it does it is impossible to say what side effects they may present.

Due to the possible dangers involved in the use of this product all prospective users are advised to discuss the matter with a doctor before deciding to supplement their diet with Lida Daidaihua.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

Lida Daidaihua can be purchased from any of the websites that bear its name. The prices make interesting reading. One site charges USD$ 16.07 / £10 approx. for one bottle of pills, but if customers want to take bulk buying to the extreme it is also possible to purchase 150 bottles for USD$ 5 each. Another site makes it impossible to buy the pill without buying a companion product as well.

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