Healthy HCG Nano Drops Review

Nano Diet DropsAccording to Healthy HCG their Nano Diet Drops can help you lose weight, but the company fails to say how in any great detail..

The company also fails to provide much information about itself, but it is based in Utah, USA—a state with a reputation for producing dodgy dieting supplements.

So many, in fact, Utah is known as the diet pill capital of the world…. and not always for the right reasons

Needless to say any diet supplement made in Utah demands close inspection and any claims made are probably best taken with a pinch of salt.

Claims: To help users lose between 20 to 30 pounds in 45 days.

Positives: Diet drops are a great way to administer the weight loss ingredients

Negatives:  Activ8X (with the AVX diet) is superior product in our view

Read about the Active8X here

In this case some or those claims are:

  • Lose 5 to 7 pounds per week
  • Fit into those skinny jeans
  • Make fat deposits go away
  • Control eating habits
  • Keep the weight off

The claims go on and on and Healthy HCG promises no exercise will be required. All of this makes enticing bait for anyone who is hoping to shed a few pounds, but talk is cheap. Nano Diet Drops are not. A 15 day starter pack costs nearly $60. That’s a lot of money to pay for a product when there is no proof it will even work, but it’s not all bad. Healthy HCG does offer a 90 day money back guarantee.

What are Healthy HCG Nano Drops and how do they Work?

Healthy HCG Nano Drops are designed to mimic the effects of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), a hormone that is naturally occurring in women who are ovulating or in the early stages of pregnancy.

In the 1950s Dr. ATW Simeons became convinced HCG could be used to assist the weight loss process and claimed to have observed accelerated weight loss results when patients were given HCG hormone injections. Simeons attributed the affects to the hormone’s ability to break down fat stores located in areas of the body that are normally inaccessible, and speculated that the hormone must he released to give pregnant women the ability to access additional energy stores to nourish the babies growing inside them.

Simeon’s theory resulted in surge of HCG supplement being brought to market and sold as weight loss providers. The fact that many scientists did not agree with Simeons did little to assuage HCG’s growing popularity. Nor did the fact that later studies showed HCG to be ineffective for weight loss.

In 2009 the FDA ruled there was insufficient evidence to support the claims made for HCG, noted the risk of side effects was too great, and banned its sale. Healthy HCG get around this fact by using an 18-ingredient homeopathic hormone substitute.

Key Ingredients

Healthy HCG state their diet drops contain 18 ingredients, but fails to identify a single one. We scoured their site for this vital information, but all we found was a lot of empty promises and unsupported information. No manufacturer should ever expect a customer to put something into their body without knowing what it contains, but this kind of thing is not unheard of for dietary products that hail from Utah.

Usage Instructions

The official website does not provide any information about how the drops should be used, but with products such as this the drops are generally placed underneath the tongue.

Drop users also need to follow a strict diet that provides just 500 calories each day. The average woman would need four times this amount just to maintain their present weight. A man would need significantly more, so anyone who restricts their calorie intake to 500 calories per day will lose weight without any need for supplementation. Healthy HCG get around this by stating their drops will enable the user to endure the calorie reduction without the normal hunger pangs.

Customer Feedback

No independent feedback is available, but the official site displays a profusion of endorsements that are attributed to satisfied customers.

A few examples read:

“I love the way I feel after this program because my body has lost the bad and hard to lose fats that were stored. I would definitely recommend this to friends because of the success I have experienced.”

“The best diet ever, hands down. Helped me build my self esteem while shedding pounds quickly. Would recommend to anyone.”

“Great way to lose, but difficult to keep lbs off. I have found the carbs add lbs faster than anything. It’s a great program, you just have to get “in the zone” by eating right. You feel so much better also!”

Needless to say endorsements from such a biased source are not to be relied upon.

Side Effects & Health Issues

Following such a low calorie diet could result in feelings of weakness and lightheadedness, and fainting cannot be ruled out, so side effects may be unpleasant.

As for the drops; the lack of ingredients makes it impossible to say what kind of reaction customers may experience, so potential customers are advised to seek professional medical advice prior to using the drops or—better still— to avoid them altogether.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

Healthy HCG Nano Drops are only available from the official Healthy HCG Nano Drops website. The price ranges from £39.00/ £89.00 / $59.95 (15 day supply) to $139.95 (45 day supply) and customers are offered numerous freebies to encourage them to buy.

The Bottom Line

Healthy HCG Nano Drops are made in Utah. That alone should be reason enough to give them a miss. The drops contain unknown quantities of unknown ingredients that too is an excellent reason to choose another product. In fact it’s hard to find a single redeeming feature other than the presence of a money back guarantee. Sadly there is no proof the guarantee will be honored and such a guarantee will offer little in recompense to any customer if the diet drops succeed in making them ill or cause serious damage to their body. Our advice: Look elsewhere.

Recommended Diet Drops

Active8X diet drops reviewDiet drops are a throughly recommended way to take weight loss ingredients. Not all diet drops are the same.

We put Activ8X on top of the pile in terms of results and customer feedback

The Activ8X website showcases numerous customer testimonials, some of them quite detailed and lengthy, and all of them positive

Read our review of Activ8X here 

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