hCG 1234 Diet Drops Review

hCG 1234 diet drops bottlehCG 1234 weight loss drops are manufactured in the US by Creative Bioscience. Weight losses of up to 1lb a day are promised, but use of the drops must be accompanied by a severe reduction in calorie intake so it is arguable if the drops contribute anything at all.

The formulation contains only one ingredient— which is a substitute for Human Chorionic Gonadtropin (HCG).

HCG is a hormone that consists of over 240 amino acids. It is naturally-occurring in the placenta of pregnant women and is not one of the more common diet supplement ingredients.

This brand though does not contain the hormone but a natural ingredient


Claims:  To contain clinically proven ingredients that can burn fat, block carbs and suppress appetite

Positives: Non GMO, Gluten free, natural ingredients

Negatives: Debatable whether it can benefit weight loss. Guarantee is cloudy.

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hGC Positives and Negatives in Detail

The Pros The Cons
  • Good customer feedback
  • Anyone who adheres to the instruction should lose weight
  • Guarantee is available
  • Can be an expensive product
  • Possibility of nasty side effects
  • It is disputable whether the drops provide any real benefit.
  • Can be an expensive product
  • Possibility of side effects
  • It is disputable whether the drops provide any real benefit
  • Guarantee hard to disypher

How to Take hCG 1234

The drops must be used alongside a very strict diet, and dieters can choose to follow a three-week program or a six-week program, depending on their desired level of weight loss.

In all cases a four-phase system is utilized, but a 10-day lemonade detox is recommended prior to commencing phase 1.

Phase 1 (lasts 2 days)

Ten drops should be placed under the tongue for a few seconds and may then be swallowed. Three 10-drop doses are required each day: one dose in the morning, one 30 minutes before lunch and one 30 minutes before dinner.

Carbohydrates and sugars should be avoided during this period and a high fat diet is recommended to provide a reserve of body fat for the low calorie diet phase.

Phase 2

Phase 2 lasts for 20 days on the three week program (supposed weight loss of 15 to 20lbs) or for 41 days on the 6 week program (supposed weight loss 34 to 40 lbs.).

hCG 1234 dieters must limit their calorie intakes to 12,000 to 15,000 calories and are only allowed the foods laid out in the hCG 1234 online diet plan.

The recommended calorie intake is close to half the recommended calorie intake for someone wishing to maintain their weight. Anyone who followed such a strict regimen could lose weight easily without any need for drops

Phase 3 (lasts for 20 days)

This is the stabilization phase, were more food is introduced, but sugar and starch must still be avoided for three weeks.

Daily weight checks are required and, should the weight increase by 2lbs, a “Steak Day” will be necessary. This entails self-starvation until lunchtime and a steak must be consumed at dinner time. Later in the evening one apple or tomato is permissible.

The ingredient was first linked to weight loss in 1950s when Dr. ATW Simeons suggested it could reduce abdominal fat by forcing the body to initiate fat burning. Bearing in mind the fact that the hormone is usually used alongside ultra-low-calorie diets, fat burning would be initiated anyway and there does not appear to be any evidence to support Simeons’ claims

hCG 1234 Customer Feedback

Customer reviews are plentiful and surprisingly good, but once again it seems probable the reported weight losses are more likely attributable to starvation tactics.

Two average testimonials read:

“I really liked this product. It works from day one. If you add exercise you can lose up to 2lbs a day. Sounds unreal but I did it. I’m so impressed I was inspired to do this review. I’ve never done that.”

“I have use my hcg 1234 I lost 22 pound in just 3 week I so happy and healthy now I have no back pain any more thank you so much.”

hCG 1234 Side Effects

According to the small print on the product website: “side effects may include headaches or dizziness.” Unfortunately this only scratches the tip of the iceberg. Side effects that have been linked to the use of HCG include:

  • Breathing difficulties
  • Disorientation
  • Swelling of the face
  • Swelling of the limbs
  • Stomach cramps
  • Rashes

Living on such a reduced calorie diet for such a long time will also take its toll on the body and may cause feelings of fatigue and/or dizziness and irritability.

hCG 1234 diet drops are not suitable for pregnant or nursing mothers. All other potential users should ask their doctor’s advice prior to commencing supplementation.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

Dieters living in the US should be able to pick up a supply of hCG 1234 from their local Walmart or opt to pay close to double the price and purchase directly from the product website. The Walmart price is just under $30 for a 2oz bottle of drops. On the hCG 1234 website the same size bottle costs nearly $56, but customers who choose to take advantage of the offered bulk buy discounts can go large with their orders and bring the price down to less than $22 per bottle (for six bottle orders).

People who live elsewhere in the world may get lucky and find a local store that stocks the product, but will usually have Amazon to fall back on if this is not the case.

hCG 1234 Guarantee

A 30 day money back guarantee is offered, but customers have a lot of hoops to jump through before they qualify for a refund. For one thing, they must provide a “complete detailed 30-day journal of foods, drinks, cosmetics, and activities”.

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