Gastric Band Diet Pill from Clinico

Gastric Band Pill reviewAccording to Clinico, their Gastric Band Pill can provide the same degree of weight loss as gastric band surgery for a fraction of the price.

When someone decides to have a gastric band fitted the necessary incisions are made and a band is then placed around the stomach. When it is sufficiently tightened the band compresses the stomach considerably, making it much smaller and less capable of holding much in the way of food.

This means the band-wearer can only eat small quantities of food but, unlike traditional appetite suppressing weight loss aids, the presence of the band does not diminish the desire to eat; just the ability to do so. Less food results in a lowered calorie intake that is unlikely to provide sufficient energy to power normal bodily processes. This forces the body into a situation it can only respond to in one way—it must start to burn body fat to obtain the extra calories it needs.

Claims:  To help lower and maintain cholesterol levels naturally. A healthy and side effect free alternative to some of the drug based statin based medication.

Positives: It has a guarantee.

Negatives: The ingredient profile leaves a lot to be desired, A bit misleading with brand name “Gastric Band” as there is no gastric banding as such

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Gastrric Band Diet Pill Review

Clinico state their pill can provide similar results to gastric band surgery by re-educating the body to feel fuller sooner, making the weight loss process simple, pain-free and “almost automatic”. It sound good in theory, but Clinico provide more in the way of promises than they do in the way of information so the hows and wherefores of how this is supposedly achieved is not sufficiently explained.

Who is Clinico?

Gastric Band Pill from ClinicoClinico is a well-established British company based in Worcestershire. They market a number of natural products, many of which are weight loss aids, via their company website and have been supplying customers with their so-called gastric band alternative for over 17 years.

They appear to be reputable company, and customer services are available via online form or telephone, but it seems unlikely their formulation will really deliver the kind of results promised.

How does the Gastric Band Diet Pill Work?

gastric bandingAccording to the information presented on the sales page the pills provide weight loss by reducing the appetite and stimulating the metabolism.

If they really do have the power to achieve this it is possible use of the formulation may help reduce calorie intake while also ensuring an increased amount of calories are burned off, causing the fat burning process to be initiated sooner than would normally be the case.

What are the Ingredients used in the Clinico Gastric Band Pill?

The product sales page does not provide any information about the ingredients used, but the website shows a picture of the bottle. Zooming-in on the label reveals the formulation contains guarana, yerba mate, and hoodia, but the quantities involved are not known and it is entirely possible the formulation may also contain additional ingredients.

  • Guarana: A caffeine providing ingredient sourced from a plant. As far as caffeine goes it is twice as potent as coffee, but the caffeine in guarana is released more slowly, making it a better option for supplying ongoing stimulation. Caffeine is known to possess appetite suppressing and metabolism boosting abilities, but in both cases the effects are minimal.
  • Yerba Mate: Another caffeine provider. Yerba Mate is often credited with fat burning abilities, but there is no clinical evidence to support such claims.
  • Hoodia: Once hailed as a mighty appetite suppressant, hoodia has since been largely discredited. It supposedly works by stimulating areas of the brain to cause a false feeling of satiety, but a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition revealed hoodia’s abilities are no better than a placebo and at least two big American companies have been sued for making false marketing claims.
How do you Take the Clinico Gastric Band Pill?

Clinico fails to provide any information about the dosage or how and when supplementation will be required.

Gastric Band Pill Side Effects

Caffeine can cause side effects that may include nausea, heart palpitations, headaches and jittering. These are nothing out of the ordinary though and would be the usual cofee feelings most experience

It is also possible the formulation may contain additional ingredients, but without knowing what those ingredients are it is impossible to say what the side effects may be.

Pregnant or nursing mothers are advised not to use this product. The same words of wisdom are offered to anyone who has existing health issues or is taking medications. All other potential users should consult a doctor prior to use.

Is there any Customer Feedback?

There are three glowing testimonials situated at the bottom of the product sales page, but independent reviews, from less biased sources, are not available.

Where can you Buy Clinico Gastric Band Pill?

Clinico Gastric Band Pill is only available from the manufacturer’s website.

Three size options are available:

  • 90 capsules — £29.50
  • 180 capsules — £38.00
  • 270 capsules — £46.00

Additional buying incentives include a free CD to program the mind for weight loss (mental gastric band) and a complimentary bottle of Vigoboost herbal tonic pills.

Is there a Guarantee?

A money back guarantee is offered, but its duration is not specified.

Recommended Alternative

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