Fullfast Metabolico Tablets Review

Fullfast Metabolico TabletsThe Fullfast range of dietary products is produced in Italy by Medestea Biotech. There are three items in the range. The first two (spray and chewing gum) are appetite suppressants. Metabolico tablets are designed to work as fat burners and, although Medestea state the tablets can be used as a standalone weight loss aid, it seems pretty clear they are hoping customers will also buy the spray or gum as well.

The Metabolico formulation contains some good ingredients, but they are also very common ingredients, so the biggest wow factor is probably the price. Each box cost £32.95 and only lasts for around two weeks. Metabolico is not a cheap product.

Claims:  To contain clinically proven ingredients that can burn fat, block carbs and suppress appetite

Positives: Lots of positive feedback from customers and critics

Negatives: Its not the cheapest

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Fullfast Metabolico Main Benefits

Fullfast advertThe Metabolico formulation contains several ingredients that should help speed up the metabolism and encourage fat burning, but Medestea point out the importance of sticking to a calorie controlled diet.

There are no bold claims made at all, and this on its own sets the company apart from most other supplement manufacturers.

The formulation consists of two proprietary blends.

  • The Metabolostarter Complex: Intended to help break down and burn fat cells.
  • The Adipofast Complex: Designed to ensure the smooth conversion of fat to energy.

The tablets also boast a special gastro-protective coating to help ensure none of the ingredients are released before the tablets reach the stomach. The Metabolico formulation contains capsicum extract, which can be rather fiery, so the special coating is a nice touch and it shows Medestea has put some thought into the design of their product.

Key Ingredients

Proprietary blends are often utilized to provide manufacturers with an excuse not to divulge the inclusion rates of the ingredients they’ve used, but in this case all inclusion rates are supplied, so Kudos to Medestea for being so open about the tablet content.

Metabolstarter Complex (427mg)

  • Green Tea Extract (300mg): Possibly the most popular diet pill ingredient in the world, green tea is renowned for its metabolism boosting and fat burning abilities.
  • Fucus Dry Extract 112mg (224mcg iodine): A seaweed extract often used as an iodine provider. Iodine is known to be important to thyroid health, and a healthy thyroid results in an efficient metabolism, but most people obtain a sufficient amount of iodine from their food, and too much iodine can be dangerous, so this is a somewhat dubious inclusion.
  • Capsicum Oleoresin (15mg containing Capsaicinoids 1.5mg): Capsicum extracts can power up the metabolism and help the body burn fat at up to 12 times its normal speed.

Adipofast Complex (310.7 mg)

  • L Carnitine (300mg): An amino acid that ensures the smooth conversion of body fat into energy.
  • Black Pepper Dry Extract (contains 5.7mg piperine): Several studies suggest the piperine contained in black pepper is an effective fat burner. Other studies indicate it has the ability to ensure the efficient absorption of other ingredients.
  • Peppermint essential oil (5mg): Peppermint is not known to assist weight loss, but its presence should help ensure none of the other ingredients upset the stomach.
How to Use Metabolico Tablets

One tablet should be taken in the mornings. A second tablet is required in the afternoon or evening and Medestea states the tablets should never be taken near mealtimes and should not be chewed.

A supplementation period of 8 to 12 weeks is recommended. Dieters who wish to extend the usage period are advised to speak to their doctor before doing so.

Response to the Product From Customers

We could find only a few customer review at time of writing

“This actually works – you have to keep remembering to have it but it tastes nice and genuinely takes the edge of your appetite. Have bought a couple now.”

“Hmm not sure if I want to continue – I cant see any results at all”

Bearing in mind Metabolico tablets are designed to work as fat burners, not appetite suppressants, we are forced to wonder if the reviewer is actually referring to Fullfast gum or spray.

Side Effects & Health Considerations

Fucus extract may prove problematic for some users, so a consultation with a doctor is advisable prior to commencing supplementation.

Where to Buy Metabolico

Metabolico tablets can be purchased directly from the Fullfast website, but it is usually cheaper to purchase via Amazon or another online supplier. Even at two third the price (Amazon) though, Metabolico remains an expensive product and there is no money back guarantee.

Final Verdict

The use of Fucus extract somewhat spoils the Metabolico blend due to the health implication its presence entails. Apart from that it all looks very good, but none of the ingredients are particularly unusual or hard to obtain so there is no real justification for the products overinflated price.

The formulation will undoubtedly assist the weight loss process, especially when used in the recommended way, but many cheaper products utilize the same the same ingredients and can produce similar results without the need to break the bank. Metabolico is a good product, but for the amount of money involved we would expect to see a phenomenal product—and a money back guarantee.


Best-Diet-Pill11There are other brands that we recommend over and above Fullfast Metabolico especially for UK and Ireland based customers.

Phen375, Capsiplex, Activ8X and Raspberry Ketone Plus all offer consumers and excellent chance of achieving their weight loss goals.

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