Forza T5 Super Strength Review

Forz aT5 Super StrengthForza T5 Super Strength is a British-made fat burning supplement that occupies the middle ground between general weight loss aids and pre-training formulations.

The manufacturer display the words “workout supplement” on the label, so Forza are obviously targeting more athletic users.

But if it works in the way they say it does the formulation should be equally suitable for less athletically inclined individuals and Forza try to cover all the bases when they state: “Sports nutrition is not just for athletes”.

Claims:  Claims to be a leading fat burner that targets not just dieters but the sporty

Positives: A strong brand name with good ingredients

Negatives: We think that Forza is overhyped – We also think that a better alternative is Phen375

Read why we think Phen375 is a better alternative

Promised benefits include:

  • Stimulating sport supplement
  • Maximum workout performance
  • Provides a pre-workout energy boost
  • Increases fat-burning during exercise
  • Improves your cognitive function

Forza T5 Super Strength Pros and Cons at a Glance

The Pros The Cons
  • Contains effective fat burning ingredients
  • Should speed up the metabolism
  • Suitable for use as a pre-training aid
  • Suitable for use for general weight loss
  • Customer feedback available
  • Some customers state it worked for them.
  • No guarantee
  • Possibility of side effects
  • Some customers state it did not work for them

How the Formulation Works

The formulation has been designed to produce a slight rise in the body’s core temperature and boost the metabolism to trigger thermogenic fat burning. If the formulation can successfully achieve this, the body will begin to break down existing body fat and burn it to provide extra energy. If desired this extra energy can then be used to fuel training or sports sessions.

As well as fat burning ingredients the blend contains several ingredients that may further boost energy levels, stimulate thyroid function, and ensure the muscles are provided sufficient oxygen to facilitate intense training.

Forza T5 SuperStrength Key Ingredients

  • Caffeine (185mg): A popular stimulant that should boost energy levels and offer improved concentration.
  • L-Tyrosine (125mg): An amino acid believed to improve thyroxin synthesis and boost the metabolic rate.
  • Green Tea (100mg): A proven thermogenic fat burner, green tea is also loaded with healthful antioxidants.
  • Niacin (60mg): Also called vitamin B3. Niacin helps convert food into energy, so it should increase the metabolism, but most people attain a sufficient quantity from their normal diet.
  • Spirulina (40mg): A nutrient-rich algae that is believed to be capable of boosting the immune system.
  • L-Taurine (20mg): An amino acid that is often incorporated into weight loss blends due to its alleged ability to speed up the metabolism and encourage fat burning.
  • Guarana (12mg): A potent caffeine provider, guarana releases its caffeine content quite slowly. This makes it useful for providing a longer-lasting supply of energy.
  • Iron (1.4mg): Iron eases the transportation of oxygen, via the blood, and around the body; so it is often used in pre-training supplements to provide extra oxygen to the muscles and help facilitate an improved workout.
  • Chromium (130µg): Chromium first became linked to weight loss the 1950s when tests conducted on rats suggested it was an effective fat burner. More recent tests show this is not the case and its value as a weight loss aid has been discredited by the National Union of Health.
  • Iodine (120µg): A healthy thyroid makes for a healthy metabolism, and iodine is known to promote correct thyroid function, so it is a relatively common inclusion in weight loss blends and bodybuilding formulations.
How to Take Forza T5 Super Strength

When used for general weight loss, two capsules should be taken each morning, followed by two more in the afternoon. When used as a pre-training aid one of the doses should be timed so that the capsules are taken 30 minutes before exercise is commenced, but Forza stress the importance of never exceeding four capsules each day. Anyone who has difficulty sleeping is advised never to take the capsules after 3pm.

Forza T5 Super Strength Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is mixed.

A typical comment from a satisfied Forza T5 Super Strength customer reads:

“I brought these wanting help to loose some wait, I only took 1 every morning after breakfast and I noticed the difference using them with a diet and exercise they helped a lot.”

And a typical comment from a dissatisfied customer:

“Don’t waste your money, bought it tried it, it had no effect what so ever a total waste of money.”

Forza T5 Super Strength Side Effects

Forza T5 Super Strength contains a similar amount of caffeine as would be provided by two cups of instant coffee, so caffeine-related side effects cannot be ruled out and may include, jitters, headaches, nausea, and/or heart palpitations. Pregnant or nursing mothers should always consult their doctor before using any form of food supplement. Anyone who has known health issues should exercise a similar degree of caution.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

Forza products are stocked by Boots and Superdrug, so Buyers in the UK will probably be able to find a high street supplier. Customers based elsewhere in the world may have to buy directly from the Forza Supplements website or Prices can vary from one supplier to the next, but customers who purchase directly from Forza can expect to pay £34 plus shipping. There is no money back guarantee.

Recommended Alternative

phen375-reviewIts hard to consider anything other than Phen375 in the fat burning niche. Phen375 contains some very strong pharmacy grade ingredients.

It is the strength of its testimonials that really sets it apart from competing brands. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Phen375.

Click to read our review of Phen375

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