Fat Burners – A Rough Guide

Fat Burners what do they doThe desire to look good and feel healthy has never been greater, but many people struggle to attain and retain their ideal weight; so there is huge and very lucrative market for weight management supplements. These range from simple appetite suppressing formulas to multi-functional blends that combine appetite suppressing ingredients with carb-blockers, fat-blockers, fat burners, and numerous other ingredients that promise to maintain muscle mass, produce favorable mood swings, and help dieters in any number of ways.

This article is about fat burners, and despite all the dodgy hype that is often used to promote fat burners they do work, but some fat burners work better than others. Dieters need to be aware of this fact. They also need to be aware some fat burning ingredients have been linked to dangerous side effects and even deaths, so making a buying decision based on the manufacturer’s hype alone is not to be recommended.

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Key Points at a Glance

  • Fat burners can produce excellent weight loss results
  • Thermogenic fat burners made from natural ingredients are known to be particularly effective
  • Fat burners are not a magic pill
  • Best results require a commitment to healthy eating and regular exercise
  • Fat burners cannot target specific body areas
  • Potentially dangerous fat burning ingredients should be avoided.

What are Fat Burners?

Fat burning is a natural process that occurs in the body. Calories are the fuel the body runs on. A heart beat, the blink of any eye—neither action could happen without sufficient calories to fuel it and intense exercise such as weight training or running requires an increased amount of fuel. In most case the necessary calories come from food, but if an excess of calories is consumed the body does not need them and stores the extra fuel as fat.

When the body starts to run low on fuel—either because food intake has been decreased or calorie consumption has been increased—the body is forced to break down its fat stores and burn the released calories. It’s a pretty simple process. Fat burning supplements contain ingredients that have been chosen for their ability (proven or alleged) to provide improved fat burning results.

How do Fat Burning ingredients Work?

Fat burning ingredients can work in different ways. Some of them stimulate various glands, such as the thyroid, causing them to release hormones that trigger the fat burning process and make the released calories available for use (as energy). Other ingredients produce similar results, but achieve them by different means. Thermogenic fat burners are known to produce particularly powerful fat burning results and the fact that many such ingredients also come from natural sources (chili pepper, green tea, super fruits, black pepper etc.), helps to make them a very popular option.

Thermogenic Fat Burners

All thermogenic fat burning ingredients share a common ability—they can slightly elevate the body temperature. This has the effect of speeding up the metabolism and causes the burning of extra calories. Food calories will be depleted first and the body will then initiate the fat burning process—which will also be at an increased pace.

Don’t believe the hype. Fat burners cannot do all the work by themselves. They contribute much, but the magic pills that some manufacturers try and peddle do not exist. It is impossible to:

  • Eat as much as you want
  • Let the natural formula do all the work
  • Become ripped and toned with no effort

Too many calories and too little physical effort to shift them is never a recipe for dieting success.

Claims that fat burners can target certain areas, such as the belly, are also completely unfounded. Fat burners can improve the fat burning process, but individual DNA programming dictates the areas that will lose fat first.
Some Safe Fat Burning Ingredients

  • Capsicum
  • Green tea
  • Green coffee bean extract
  • Acai berry
  • Black pepper extract (piperine/Bioperine)
  • Raspberry ketones
  • Garcinia cambogia

Some Dangerous Alternatives

  • DNP
  • Bitter orange
  • Advantra Z
  • Yohimbe

DNP is top of the list for a reason. A chemical thermogenic fat burner (nothing natural about DNP) it has the ability to increase the metabolism by up to 50%. It also raises the body temperature to dangerous levels that have been compared to cooking the body from the inside out. People have lost their lives through using supplements containing DNP.

Bitter orange, often found listed on supplement labels as citrus aurantium, is also best avoided.  The active ingredient is a compound called synephrine and it has been linked to dangerous side effects including strokes and heart attacks.

Advantra Z was originally created to replace the banned ingredient Ephedrine, but Advantra Z is also a source of the dangerous ingredient synephrine.

Yohimbe, often called yohimbine is a stimulant taken from the bark of a tree. Its fat burning prowess is much over-rated and is far from being proven. Headaches and dizzy spells are just two of the known side effects associated with its use.

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