Fat Burn X – Avoid the Free Trail Offer

Fat Burn XAccording to the people marketing it, Fat Burn X took years to develop and can help users to gain energy and lose weight fast.

The formulation is deemed suitable for men and women alike and the general feel of the website, when coupled with the pictures of muscular men striking poses, suggest the company behind the product is particularly interested in attracting the attention of the bodybuilding crowd.

The company behind the product appear to be based in both the US and the UK – shipping is worldwide.

Claims: To be your secret weapon in the gym. has been years in the making

Positives: Product branding is great, 

Negatives: The free trial, auto ship offer is something that you avoid

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Advertised Benefits

Fat Burn x Testosterone boosting arginines (>3000mg)
• NAD Nutrient Delivery
• Boost Power and Endurance
• Creatine Free
• No Sodium
• Easy Capsule Form

What is Fat Burn X and how does it Work?

As the name suggests Fat Burn X is designed to work as a fat burner, but the official site provides very little information about how this is likely to be achieved. Fat burning formulations are designed to produce changes within the body that make it easier to burn greater levels of fat faster than would normally be possible. As the fat is burned the calories that were stored within it are released and then provide an energy boost.

Key Ingredients

The official website does not provide a complete list of ingredients, or any inclusion rates, but it states green tea, garcinia cambogia, orange extract, and caffeine are used in the formulation.

  • Green Tea: Possibly the most commonly-used diet pill ingredient in the world, green tea provides catechins that can boost the metabolism and trigger thermogenic fat burning. After one study, conducted in Tokyo, the researchers concluded: “Daily consumption of tea containing 690 mg catechins for 12 wk reduced body fat, which suggests that the ingestion of catechins might be useful in the prevention and improvement of lifestyle-related diseases, mainly obesity.”
  • Garcinia Cambogia: A superfruit ingredient that is known to be highly nutritious and has an ever-growing reputation for being an effective weight loss provider. The active ingredient is HCA (hydroxycitric acid), which is extracted from the rind of the fruit and appears to be able to provide appetite suppression and prevent the liver from converting excess carbs into body fat.
  • Orange Extract: A popular ingredient that can be found in many weight loss blends and bodybuilding supplements. It usually goes by the name bitter orange and is a provider of synephrine—a compound that works both as a stimulant and as a fat burner.
  • Caffeine: An ingredient that tends to be primarily favoured for its abilities as a stimulant and caffeine’s focus-enhancing/energy boosting abilities are not to be disputed, but caffeine can also provide appetite suppression and assist the fat burning process.

Usage Instructions

The label on the bottle states two capsules should be taken each morning.

Customer Feedback

The product website does not provide any customer feedback and independent feedback could be found at the time of this review.

Side Effects & Health Issues

The official website fails to disclose if side effects are likely, but even the best of ingredients are not always tolerated equally well by all users, so it is always wise to check with a doctor before using any brand of supplement for the first time. This is especially true in the case of pregnant or nursing mothers and those who have existing health issues.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

Fat Burn X is only available from the official product website, worldwide shipping is offered, and customers who wish to try the product have two choices. They can purchase one or more bottles outright, or opt to receive a trial bottle and only pay the shipping costs ($4.95). As is often the case with such offers, customers who receive a “trial” bottle of pills are automatically opting into an automated billing and shipping agreement that they may be unaware of unless they have read all the relevant small print.

Customers who purchase a single bottle of pills (30 day supply) can expect to pay $89.99 (£60). We feel this is expensive, but bulk buy incentives are available, with the best deal going to customers who purchase three bottles of pills for $149.94 (£100) and receive an extra two bottles free of charge.

It is also worth noting the sites terms and conditions page suggests the company marketing the pills may pass on customer’s details to “carefully selected marketing partners”.

Guarantee & Free Trial Period

The website’s term and conditions page states customers who are unhappy with their purchase must contact customer services within 30 days of receiving the merchandise.

Customers who take advantage of the free trial offer need to provide their card details and will be charged $4.95 for shipping. This is not unreasonable, but the small print on the trial-acceptance page states customers who accept the offer of the free trial are automatically enrolled in an automated billing and shipping program and have just 10 days to decide if they wish to opt-out. Customers who do not opt-out within the allotted time period will be charged $87.63 for the (trial) shipment they have already received. They will also receive a fresh bottle of pills every month and their cards will be debited accordingly.

The Bottom Line

Although the formulation contains some good ingredients—namely green tea, bitter orange, and garcenia cambogia—we are not impressed with Fat Burn X. No inclusion rates are provided, and the blend may also contain unspecified ingredients, so there is insufficient information to indicate what potential the blend may possess. Nor is there any customer feedback to fill in the blanks. Bearing in mind the high price tag, and the lack of information about the product, we are unable to endorse the use of Fat Burn X as a weight loss provider. We also feel some customers may be confused by the terms and conditions of the “free trial offer”, and believe many customers may not appreciate their details being shared with “selected marketing partners”. Fat Burn X is a rejected product. Better options are available.

Not Recommended

What Do We Recommend

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