Défiligne Review – Brûleur Jour- Nuit

Défiligne Brûleur Jour/NuitDéfiligne Brûleur Jour – Nuit is a weight management product brought to market by Yves Rocher.

The company also distributes beauty products and a range of deodorants, shower gels, and other personal care items.

It appears run its business in a respectable manner and customer service representative can be contacted via telephone, during the day, Monday to Friday.

Défiligne Brûleur Jour – Nuit is exclusive to the French market – read a review in French

What is Défiligne Brûleur Jour – Nuit and How Does it Work? 

Défiligne Brûleur Jour – Nuit  is a fat burner that comes in two parts. Customers who purchase the product are provided with two different formulations—a red tablet to take each morning and a white tablet to take at night.

In theory, use of the two products should provide dieters with enhanced fat burning capabilities 24-hours a day, but customer reviews suggest the product only delivers results for 50% of users, and it’s not backed by a money back guarantee.

On a more positive note, both formulations contain some good ingredients, but they also contain a lot of binders and fillers and it is possible they may interfere with how well the two tablets work.

Yves Rocher Défiligne Brûleur Jour/Nuit

Yves Rocher are responsible for many diet and health supplements

Défiligne Brûleur Jour/Nuit Ingredients

Brûleur Jour/Nuit Daytime Formulation (red tablet)

One tablet provides:

  • Extract of green tea leaves (360mg)
  • Extract of green coffee beans (600mg)
  • Extract of yerba mate leaves (400mg)
  • Extract of guarana seeds (200mg)
  • Niacin
  • Bulking agent (microcrystalline cellulose, maltodextrins)
  • Anti-caking agent (calcium phosphate, magnesium stearate)
  • Coating agents (hydroxypropylcellulose, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, talc)
  • Wheat gluten hydrolyzate
  • Coloring (red allura)
  • Chloride

Brûleur Jour/Nuit Nighttime Formulation (white tablet)

One tablet provides:

  • Fruit extract of citrus aurantium (500mg)
  • Extract of artichoke juice (1200mg)
  • Extract of green tea leaves (90mg)
  • Extract of rosemary leaves (200mg)
  • Maltodextrins
  • Charge agent (microcrystalline cellulose)
  • Anti-caking agents (calcium phosphate, soya lecithin, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate)
  • Coating agents (hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, acetylated monoglycerides)
  • Dye (titanium dioxide)

Blend Potential

Défiligne Brûleur Jour/Nuit green teaGreen tea stands out as being one of the best ingredients. Its ability to speed up the metabolism and accelerate fat burning can be supported by science, and it’s been included in both formulations, but the nighttime tablets may not contain enough.

The green coffee bean extract in the daytime tablets is also a respected fat burner. Yerba mate and guarana are both sources of caffeine and, like green tea, it’s proven to be very effective for fat burning. The only difference between these two popular caffeine providers is the speed at which the caffeine is released into the body. Yerba mate releases it quite fast and guarana releases its caffeine at a more gradual rate that provides longer lasting benefits.

Citrus aurantium is undoubtedly the most potent fat burner in the nighttime formulation. It’s ability is proven and may help compensate for the lack of green tea. Artichoke has value because it can boost the metabolism and help the body burn calories faster. It also helps rid the body of metabolism-slowing toxins.

Usage Instructions – The tablets are intended to be taken with water. The morning tablet (red) should be consumed during breakfast. The night tablet (white) should be taken with the evening meal. The product is not intended for continuous use, but the four week treatment period can be repeated a few times a year. As with any other brand of weight loss supplement, good results require the product be used in combination with diet and exercise.

Défiligne Customer Comments

A few typical customer reviews read:

“Works well if you eat right and exercise hard. I lost around 22lbs. The price is okay too, so it’s a good diet supplement to choose.”
“This product is a total disappointment. I thought it would help me lose weight, but it didn’t work. I won’t be buying again.”
“I use this product every spring to get in shape for my summer holiday and usually lose around 3 kilos. It’s the best way I know to lose weight without having to go through the frustration of dieting.”
“No results at all. Didn’t lose a pound of weight. Didn’t lose so much as a cm from around my waist, even though I was eating right and exercising.”

Défiligne Brûleur Jour – Nuit Side Effects & Health Issues

No side effects are mentioned in the marketing material, but Défiligne is unlikely to be suitable for women who are pregnant or nursing a child. Anyone who has existing health problems, or is using medication, should always seek professional medical advice before using any brand of weight management supplement.

Where To Buy Défiligne Brûleur Jour – Nuit

A 4-week supply of Défiligne Brûleur Jour – Nuit costs 19,14 € from the manufacturer’s website. Shipping is only available to addresses located in Metropolitan France, Corsica and Monaco; but customers who make a successful purchase can typically expect to receive their order within 48 hours.


There is no money-back guarantee.

What Do We Recommend?

We have reviewed many diet and weight loss products, both over the counter and prescription only, and rate them according to certain criteria, including ingredient quality, customer feedback, and after-sales service.

We pay close attention to each product’s weight loss effect and ability to deliver results without causing side effects.

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