Diet Product Reviews

Shinya Koso Night Diet Review

Shinya Koso

Shinya Koso Night Diet is a supplement that’s made in Japan and supposedly has the ability to get the body burning extra fat like nobody’s business. This is apparently achieved because the formulation contains a blend of enzymes and other natural ingredients that have miraculous metabolism boosting abilities. If the marketing material is to be believed, a single tablet has …

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Lipotrim How Does It Work – Review With Customer Feedback

Lipotrim Ireland

Lipotrim is an obesity management program developed in the UK by Howard Foundation Research. It consists of meal replacement shakes, chicken soup, and flapjacks. Lipotrim dieters are not allowed to deviate from the plan by eating other meals or snacks. Nor can they overindulge because, each week, they are provided with a seven-day supply of products. It is not possible …

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Oxyshred Review – Thermogenic Fat Burning Powder

Oxyshred is a food supplement manufactured in the US by EHP labs. It is produced in powder form and should be consumed as a shake. The sales page on the manufacturer’s website does not provide much information about the product other than it is intended to work as a fat burner and energy provider. EPH labs are responsible for several …

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