Diet Pill Reviews

Forza Slenderbind Review With Customer Comments

Forza Slenderbind

Slenderbind is fat binding product produced and distributed by Forza Industries. The company is based in Kent and markets a number of other health and beauty products, including vitamin pills and meal replacement shakes. There is even a Forza supplement that is intended to improve the hair, skin, and nails. The Forza brand has been around since 2007, and the …

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Lipoféine Expert Review with Customer Comments

LipoFeine Expert review

is a 30-day weight loss system that works in three stages and consists of three separate products. The three products that make up the system are: Lipoféime Detox Lipoféime Burner Lipoféine Block Each stage lasts for 10 days and the manufacturer is very clear about the fact that good results will require the system be used in conjunction with diet …

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Sibrutal Review with Customer Feedback

Cascara sagrada

Sibrutal is a pill that promises to help people to “flush pounds and detoxify” the body. The manufacturer says it’s the “no.1 stomach blocker on the market”, but Sibrutal appears to have more value as a laxative and is probably better suited to someone who is suffering from constipation and looking for something to help them number two. The product …

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