Capsiplex Sport Pre Workout and fat Burner Supplement

Capsiplex SportCapsiplex Sport is a sports supplement produced in Scotland by Advanced Health. Don’t be surprised if the name Capsiplex Sport sounds familiar. Advanced Health also manufactures a very successful weight loss product called Capsiplex that has received significant media coverage in the UK and is actively endorsed by the former Emmerdale Farm Actress Roxanne Pallett.

Although Capsiplex Sport can also provide weight loss, and contains the same main ingredient (capsicum), it has not been designed to replace Capsiplex. It is intended to support the nutritional requirements of people who exercise regularly and wish to build a better body, improve their fitness, and/or attain greater sporting success. If you wish to read about the original Capsiplex click here

Claims:  To help burn fat, and work as a pre workout supplement to aid weight loss and get the maximum from your workouts or exercise routine.

Positives: Based on one of the best selling fat burners of modern times. Scientific evidence of efficacy. Great customer feedback

Negatives: The packaging could be better – if we were to nitpick

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Capsiplex Sport Benefits

  • Capsiplex Sport WebsiteImproves energy and strength
  • Powers up your workouts
  • Keeps body fat under control
  • Burns of 278 calories
  • No side effects
  • A pre-workout supplement that gets you results in no time.

All in all those are some pretty impressive claims, but given the company’s past track record it’s hard to dismiss them as hype. Let’s take a closer look at the formulation.

Capsiplex Sport Key Ingredients

  • Capsicum Extract
  • L-Arginine
  • Caffeine
  • Vitamin B3
  • Piperine

Capsiplex Sport Blend Potential

Capsicum ExtractCapsicum Extract is usually sourced from chilli peppers. The active ingredient is a compound called capsaicin and anyone who has got a sweat on while eating a curry or chilli con-carne will probably have felt capsaicin’s metabolism-boosting powers at work without even realizing it. That warm glow is the result of a process called thermogenesis that produces a slight rise in body temperature and causes the body to expend an increased amount of calories.

Capsicum further assists weight loss by aiding lipolysis and fat oxidation and it is this “fat burning” process that can be so good for boosting energy levels. Fat is the body’s reserve energy supply. It contains a lot of calories and when those calories are released they become available and energy levels receive a boost.

Capsiplex Sport packet new

L-Arginine is a versatile amino acid that can increase energy availability by boosting nitric oxide (NO) levels and ensuring the efficient use of ATP.

NO boosters like L-Arginine cause the blood vessels to become slightly wider (vasodilation). This process provides the muscles and major organs with an increased amount of nutrients and oxygen that makes it easier to work the muscles harder and improves physical performance.

ATP provides energy at the cellular level and is so important the body could not function without it. L-Arginine helps ensure the body uses ATP efficiently, thereby ensuring performance is not hindered by a shortage of this vital energy-carrying molecule.

Caffeine is renowned for its ability to stimulate the body and mind. It improves powers of concentration and can provide a quick energy boost. Caffeine is also a thermogenic fat burner, though admittedly nowhere near as powerful as capsicum.

The powers of Vitamin B3 should never be underestimated. It helps ensure the smooth conversion of nutrients to energy and is a common inclusion in energy-providing drinks like Red Bull and Lucozade Sport.

Piperine is a black pepper derivative that is often incorporated into supplements because its presence can ensure the other ingredients are more easily absorbed. Piperine is also a thermogenic fat burner but, like caffeine, it is not in the same league as capsicum.

Usage Instructions – One capsule is required 30 minutes before exercise is commenced.

Capsiplex Sport Customer Feedback

Feedback and customer comments are very positive

One customer writes:

“I have been using regular Capsiplex for 2 years, and the new Sport version is an improvement. It improved my workout by at least 25%..”

Several other customers have left equally glowing testimonials.

“I would say that I am an average gym goer but have found a new level of endurance with Capsiplex Sport”
“I usually feel very weak when I am at the gym, this product has helped combat that”
“I have no time for exercise, weight loss for me has been a nightmare since childbirth. Capsiplex Sport has helped me get my figure back”

Possible Side Effects & Health Issues

No side effects have been reported, and it seems likely that Advanced Health’s promise of a side effect-free formulation will hold true, but pregnant or breastfeeding women are advised to seek medical advice before using any form of dietary supplement. The same advice is offered to individuals who have any health problems or concerns.

The Final Verdict

Capsiplex Sport is produced by a reputable manufacturer that has already produced a successful dietary supplement. Although past successes can in no way guarantee the abilities of a new product, such as Capsiplex Sport, in this case the customer has nothing to lose by trying the product because a generous 60-day guarantee period allows plenty of time for evaluation. It seems unlikely that such evaluation will be necessary. The quality of the blend suggests a supplement that should deliver the kind of results the manufacturers promise. Our verdict? Buy it, try it; there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Capsiplex Sport Purchasing Options

Capsiplex Sport reviewedAt the time of this review Capsiplex Sport was only available from the official website and had been discounted down to £29.99 per bottle.

It was also possible to buy two bottles for £79.90 and get a third bottle for free, but the best deal available was buy 3 bottles for £119.85 and receive a further 3 bottles without charge. Shipping is free and all purchases are protected by a 60-day money back guarantee.

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