Burn24 Review with customer comments and feedback

Burn24 reviewBurn24 is a weight management supplement produced in America for Omega Sports.

It claims to be physician recommended and has a number of positive reviews posted on bodybuilding and fitness type website.

The main benefits promised are:

  • Improvements to insulin sensitivity
  • Strategic nutrient repartitioning
  • Stimulant-free fat burning

Claims:  To be a clinical strength fat burner

Positives: Produced by a trusted and reputable sports nutrition company

Negatives: There is nothing ultimately wrong with Burn 24 – it just that we prefer PhenQ

Burn24 has been designed to work in a way that sets the product apart from other weight loss supplement. Most competing products are designed to provide appetite suppression, fat burning, carb blocking, fat binding, or a mixture of two or more of the aforementioned benefits.

Burn24 is designed to reduce insulin levels. Messing with insulin levels can be a risky thing, especially for diabetics, but Omega Sports claims that, by “significantly improving insulin sensitivity”, their formulation will help the body to burn fat 24 hours per day rather than “store fat 24/7”.

Burn24 review for the UK

Usage Guidelines –  The recommended dose is two capsules, and up to three doses are allowed per day. Each dose must be taken 20-30 minutes before a meal, but Omega Sports warns against taking the capsules at the same time as food because this can have a negative effect on blood sugar levels.

Key Ingredients & Blend Potential

Two capsules provide:

  • GCBfit (250mg): A proprietary blend of green coffee bean extract that is standardised to provide 50% chlorogenic acid. This is a vital compound that is naturally-occurring in all coffee beans, but is generally lost during the bean roasting process. Green coffee beans are usually praised for their fat burning abilities, but at least one study suggests chlorogenic acid may also be useful for controlling insulin and blood sugar levels.
  • Momordica Charantia Extract (250mg): A vine extract that can soothe the digestion and benefit the health in numerous ways. Some studies suggest it may also function as an antidiabetic, but further research is much to be desired.
  • Berberine Hydrochloride (200mg): A plant extract that can be taken from numerous sources, including tree turmeric and goldenseal. The volunteers involved in one study showed a slight reduction in blood sugar, but each of them received 500mg doses of berberine hydrochloride, up to three times per day.
  • GS4 Plus (150mg): A patented ingredient that provides gymnema sylvestre. Further research is needed, but some studies suggest supplementation with gymnema sylvestre may support healthy pancreatic function and stabilise insulin levels.
  • Bergenin (150mg): The bergenin plant is highly favoured in Ayurvedic medicine and, in recent years, has required a reputation as a fat burner. It may also provide fat blocking benefits, but it is somewhat of a strange inclusion in a blend that has been designed to influence insulin levels.
  • ActiCissus (100mg): A branded form of the plant extract cissus quadrangularis. As with most of the ingredients in the Burn24 formulation, further study is needed, but the existing data suggests 300mg doses of cissus quadrangularis may have a favourable result on blood sugar levels.
  • BioPerine (6mg): A patent protected black pepper extract that is found in supplements of all kinds. Its popularity stems from its proven ability to increase the bioavailability of companion ingredients and improve the efficiency of their absorption.

Customer Testimonials

A few typical customer reviews read:

I have no idea what the pills do to my insulin levels, but my weekly weigh-ins tell me they are doing something right. I’ve been losing an average of 5lbs a week without making any major changes to my diet or existing exercise regimen.
Just another diet pill that doesn’t do what it’s supposed to. I go running three times a week and do aerobics on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. I’d reached a plateau and needed a little extra help. Burn24 didn’t help.
Burn24 is the business! I’ve been using it during my cutting cycle and it’s already helped me to drop my BMF by 3%.”
Burn24 appears to work for some people, but the pills did not do a thing for me so it’s back to square one again. No side effects though, so that’s a blessing I suppose.”

Side Effects & Health Issues

Omega Sports states the formulation is not suitable for women who are pregnant or nursing a child, or for anyone who is under 18-years of age. They also state the importance of getting a doctor’s approval before commencing supplementation.

Guarantee Period

Omega Sports provide a money back guarantee, but fails to specify its duration.

Where to Buy Burn24

Burn24 can be purchased from a number of online stores including, Astro Supplements, All Star Health, and PowerMyself.Com. Prices vary from on supplier to the next and generally range from £25 to £54 for a single bottle of pills (provides 180 capsules).

Other Diet Pills / Recommended

PhenQ ResultsWe prefer PhenQ in the category – a highly effective and efficient fat burner that can also bind fat as well as suppress appetite and provide an energy boost.

All PhenQ orders are shipped without a delivery charge to anywhere in the world and covered by a 60 day money back guarantee.

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