Boots Dual Action Carb and Fat Control

Boots Dual Action Carb ControlBoots Dual Action Carb and Fat Control is a weight loss supplement produced by Boots and marketed via their shops and online store.

It’s produced in tablet form and has been designed to help people achieve their weight loss goals by restricting the amount of calories they receive from food containing carbohydrates and fat.

Boots also produce other slimming products with mechanics of actions such as: fat binders, metabolism boosters and appetite suppressants.

Claims:  To help reduce the amount of dietary fat and complex carbohydrate that is absorbed by the body.

Positives: Made by Boots, science behind it.

Negatives: In our opinion Activ8X produces better results

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The Dual Action Explained

Carb rich foodsEach 1g of carbohydrate eaten provides between four and five calories. An equivalent amount of fat can provide double this amount. Since many foods are high in carbohydrates and may also contain hidden fats (along with not so hidden fats) it is easy to see how fats and carbs can quickly provide the body with more calories than it requires.

Any extra calories are then invariably stored as body fat. Fat binders and carb blockers limit the amount of calories absorbed from these two food groups and are typically taken a little while before eating a meal.

[info]Boots Dual Action Carb and Fat Control tablets have two layers. Each layer provides a trademarked ingredient. The top layer contains a fat binding ingredient called Captogicollipid. The second layer contains a carb blocking ingredient called Captocarb.[/info]

Captogicollipid is not dissimilar to other fat binding ingredients. It dissolves in the stomach, but contains components that the body is unable to digest. These components also have the ability to soak up large amounts of fat, which then cannot be digested either and eventually leave the body with the stool.

The main active component in Captocarb is white kidney bean extract (phaseolus vulgaris). Once ingested it hinders an important digestive enzyme that is necessary for breaking down carbohydrates. The rest of the digestive enzymes are unaffected, so other nutrients are absorbed as normal. Because carbohydrates can no longer be digested they cannot release their calories so the undigested carbohydrates, along with their calorie load, simply pass through the gastrointestinal tract and are then passed with the stool.

Blend Potency & Potential

Each Boots Dual Action Carb and Fat Control tablet provides:

  • Captogicollipid (600mg)
  • Captocarb (50mg)

Captogicollipid contains a purified form of glucosamine polysaccharide derived from certain species of deep sea crustaceans. It is very similar to a more popular ingredient called chitosan and, like chitosan, it shows a certain amount of promise, but further study is required.

Captocarb contains two main ingredients—an anti-foaming agent called simethicone (often used to reduce bloating) and white kidney bean extract. White kidney bean extract provides the carb blocking power and its prowess has been proven in several studies.

One study, documented in The International Journal of Medical Sciences, involved 60 overweight volunteers who were fed high carb diets for 30 days. Half the group received daily supplements of white kidney bean extract. The rest of the group did not. At the end of the study period the volunteers who had consumed white kidney bean extract had lost considerably more weight than the other group members.

How to Take Boots Dual Action Carb and Fat Control

The Boots website doesn’t provide much information about how the tablets should be used

Customer Comments

The Boots website contains a plentiful amount of feedback from customers. There are a few negative comments left by customers who say the product failed to work in the desired way, but the majority of customers rate the product highly.

[plain]“Certainly helped me double my weight loss each week as long as you control your Calories too. Made me slightly constipated at first so drank more water. Great product. Why is it sold out!,, make more!!!”[/plain]

[plain]”I would recommend these as being worth a try as I found an average of 4lb a month a good result due to the fact that I hardly altered my eating habits. Just imagine what you could lose if you did!”[/plain]

[plain]”Followed to the letter and found no difference. I tend to eat healthily but never able to lose those few extra pounds. I don’t tend to drink a lot of water, but was required to increase intake when using these. Disappointed by results, didn’t even lose a pound. Expensive for no result.”[/plain]

Health Considerations

Captogicollipid may not be suitable for anyone who has allergies to seafood.

Pregnant or nursing mothers should not use dietary supplements unless their doctor has confirmed this is okay for them to do.  Anyone with existing health issues or concerns should also speak to a doctor before commencing supplementation.

Where to Buy Boots Dual Action Carb and Fat Control

Dual Action Carb and fat Control is made by Boots for Boots, so the product can only be purchased from their high street branches and via the Boots website. Expect to pay around £26 for each (60 tablet) packet.


Check with Boots for confirmation

Concluding Thoughts

Supplements that combine carb blocking ingredients with fat binders can greatly increase the likelihood of weight loss, and there is every indication that Boots have created a winning formulation, but the use of Captogicollipid has resulted in a product that will be unsuitable for vegetarians or anyone who suffers from food allergies. The use of an alternative fat binding ingredient may have resulted in a superior blend.


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