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Black Mamba Hyper RushBlack Mamba Hyper Rush is a diet pill brought to market by Innovative Laboratories and sold via a few of the lesser-known online retailers.

The company does not appear to have a website and, despite the scientific-sounding name, it is unclear whether Innovative Laboratories actually manufacture the pills or merely distribute them under their brand name. Very little is known about the company at all, but the fact that it has fallen foul of the FDA for adding undisclosed (dangerous) ingredients to the Black Mamba Hyper Rush formulation suggest the company and its products are best avoided.

According to the warning notice posted on the FDA website, Black Mamba Hyper Rush contains the appetite supressing drug Sibutramine. It is known to be effective, but its use has been banned since 2010 because it can cause elevated blood pressure and interfere with the heart. When FDA inspectors examined samples taken from shipments of Black Mamba Hyper Rush, that were about to be mailed, they also discovered the pills contain a chemical called Phenolphthalein that is believed capable of causing other side effects.

Claims:  To be the most potent of its kind

Positives: Does contain some decent ingredients

Negatives: Highly dubious sales mechanism with complaints galore.

What is Black Mamba Hyper Rush and What Does it Do?

Black Mamba Hyper Rush is marketed as a hard-core energizer and fat burner and is designed to be particularly appealing to people who are hoping to buy a supplement that contains the banned weight loss drug Ephedra. Black Mamba Hyper Rush contains a branded form of Ephedra called Ephedran that provides a different combination of alkaloids. It’s not illegal, but Ephedran’s abilities have never been adequately studied and the fact that it requires the assistance of secret ingredients suggests it probably doesn’t cut the mustard.

Hyper Rush

According to Innovative Laboratories the capsules contain a “Hardcore AAA Complex” that:

  • Aids in long-lasting energy
  • Aids in acute mental focus
  • Aids in Extreme weight loss

The formulation contains several stimulants that should be capable of providing the energy and focus, and the illegal diet drug will probably encourage weight loss, but the blend as a whole is likely to cause more problems than it solves.

Dosage Black – should be taken once each day, in the morning, with food and an 8oz glass of water. The normal dose is two capsules, but Innovative Laboratories state new users should take just one capsule per day, for the first seven to ten days. If no tolerance issues are experienced it is then permissible to take the maximum dose of two capsules per day.
Key Ingredients

Each Black Mamba Hyper Rush capsule provides:

  • Caffeine Anhydrous (200mg): A stimulant that provides extra energy and improved focus. Caffeine also has the ability to suppress the appetite and boost the metabolism. Each capsule provides as much caffeine as two standard cups of coffee.
  • Ephedran (Brand Extract) (65mg): A plant-based ingredient that is utilised here to entice dieters hoping to score some Ephedra. It lacks the alkaloids that are associated with Ephedra-related side effects, but it seems likely that those alkaloids also provided its weight loss-enhancing abilities.
  • Fimbriata (pregnane + megastigmane glycosides): A cactus extract that is often touted to be an appetite suppressant.

The remaining 11 ingredients are housed in a proprietary blend:

  • Thermo-Extend Matrix (180mg): Beta-phenethylamine HCL, green tea, black tea, l-phenylalanine, tyramine, theobromine, green coffee bean extract, citrus aurantium, griffonia seed, yohimbine HCL, black pepper extract

Most of the ingredients used in the proprietary blend have the potential to encourage weight loss, but several of them are stimulants (theobramine, citrus aurantium, l-phenylalanine, and yohimbine). The formulation already provides a generous dose of caffeine, and green coffee bean extract, and the two forms of tea will provide a further top-up of caffeine so, even without its two dangerous covert inclusions, Black Mamba Hyper Rush may provide too much of a “rush” for many people to handle.

Customer Testimonials

Some customers praise the formulation for its abilities as an energy boosting fat burner, while others lament the terrible side effects they had to endure.

Hyper Rush is an extreme fat burner and energy provider, that’s for sure. I have so much energy these days I don’t have time to waste on sleep and my belly fat is burning away so fast it’s almost as if I’d swallowed a blow torch. These pills work.
“I took one pill with my breakfast and I could feel it working straight away *but not in a good way*. My heart began racing so fast I was unable to go to work and spent most of the day waiting for the effects to wear off. At one point I was sure I was going to die, it was a terrible, terrible experience. Never again.

Side Effects & Health Issues

Several of the ingredients used in the Black Mamba Hyper Rush formulation are capable of causing side effects, so the fact that most of the inclusion rates are not provided is a cause for concern. This is neither here nor there though, bearing in mind the presence of dangerous, undisclosed ingredients. Anyone thinking of buying Black Mamba Hyper Rush should visit the FDA website, read the warning posted there, and seriously consider the possible ramifications before finding a supplier and placing an order.

Where to Buy Black Mamba Hyper Rush

It is not possible to buy Black Mamba Hyper Rush via any of the main supplement suppliers, such as GNC or Lucky Vitamin, but some of the smaller online stores stock it and prices usually range from £19 -$35 per (90 capsule) bottle.


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