Anaca 3 – Diet Pill Made In France

Anaca3Anaca 3 is a diet pill manufactured in France and sold exclusively via the manufacturer’s website.

The pills contain a “cocktail” of three natural ingredients and, if the sales hype is to be believed, the blend provides weight loss by lowering the calorie intake and encouraging fat burning.

The blend is also designed to soothe the digestion and provide a detox; so the ingredients used have a lot of work to do.

Claims:  To be a completely natural diet pill

Positives: One of the most popular diet pills in France, Belgium and Switzerland

Negatives: Negatives are few and far between. Not available to buy in the UK

Advertised Benefits

  • Suppresses the appetite
  • Absorbs dietary fats & Sugars
  • Aids digestion
  • Burns fat
  • Detox

Anaca3 benefits

Benefits In More Detail

  • Appetite Suppression: Should help the user to feel less hungry and consume a reduced amount of food. Fighting hunger cravings is one of the hardest tasks dieters have to face.
  • Absorbs Dietary Fats & Sugars: Fat blockers and starch blockers prevent the body from fully digesting fat, carbohydrate and sugar; causing a percentage of the foods that provide them to pass through the intestines without releasing all of their calories. Each gram of fat provides 9 calories. Protein, carbohydrate, and sugar provide four calories per gram.
  • Aids Digestion: When the digestive system becomes sluggish, or is presented with hard-to-digest foods, it has to work harder. This can be an energy draining experience and the body may not receive the full value of the nutrients provided.
  • Burns Fat: Fat burners speed up the metabolism. This causes the body to burn more calories and start oxidizing its stores of fat.
  • Detox: Toxins can build up in the body over a period of time and impair the metabolism. Supplements that provide a detox can purge the system of these toxins and rectify the damage caused. A healthy metabolism burns more calories and helps ensure energy levels are less likely to run low.

Anaca3 ingredients

Key Ingredients & Potential

  • Prickly Pear: A cactus extract that has the ability to attract and bind food-provided fats, causing them to become indigestible. The combined mass of cactus fibers and bound fat then provides a feeling of fullness that naturally suppresses the appetite.
  • Artichoke Leaf: Stimulates the flow of bile from the liver to improve digestion, while also helping to control blood sugar levels. Artichoke leaf is often neglected by supplement manufacturers, but it soothing nature can be very useful is often used for treating the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
  • Kola Nut: A caffeine provider, kola nut delivers the natural stimulation dieters may need to prevent their low calorie diets from resulting in lowered levels of energy. Caffeine is also a proven appetite suppressant and natural thermogenic fat burner.
Anaca3 Dosage  – Capsules must be taken with plenty of water. Take 1 capsule before each of the three main meals of the day.

Results will be improve if the capsules are used as part of an overall weight management program, so all Anaca 3 customers are provided with access to free online weight loss tools and coaching.

Anaca3 Testimonials

Customer feedback is excellent right across the board.

A few sample reviews read:

Anaca 3 is the only weight loss pill that has worked for me. I eat less food now and feel more vibrant and alive. My thighs and buttocks have become noticeably thinner and the bathroom scales show I have lost an average of 2kilos per week.”

“These pills are easy to swallow and work like magic. Last month I had a dress size of 18, now I’m in a 14. Wow! Happy me :-)” 

I had a big problem with my weight but nothing I tried would shift it. I only bought Anaca 3 because the guarantee meant I had nothing to lose. I’ve already lost 15 kilos and I still have a few days left before I start on my third bottle.

Anaca3 Side Effects

Side effects are unlikely to be a problem, but Anaca 3 is not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers. Individuals who have existing health problems, and people who are using medications, should consult a doctor and ask for advice before using Anaca 3 or any other brand of weight loss supplement.


The manufacturers say they will provide a refund to any customer who uses all of the pills they purchased and fails to see the promised results.

The Verdict

Anaca 3 contains some good ingredients that should be able to deliver the promised results, and the pills come with a money back guarantee, so even the most cautious of buyers have nothing to lose by trying this particular weight loss product. However, the amount of positive feedback the pills have received suggest the refund is unlikely to be needed because Anaca 3 appears to be a weight loss product that works.


Where To Buy Anaca3

A bottle of Anaca 3 costs €39,90 from the official website and should provide a weight loss of 6 to 8 kilos. Customers who add an extra bottle to their order secure a discount and orders of three or more bottles qualify for additional bottles of free pills. At the time of this review, the best deal went to customers who paid €120 to receive six bottles for the price of four.

Anaca3 is not available to buy in the UK – click to view a French language website with details for French customers

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